Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough

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Posted on January 21, 2011, Serj Tachyon Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough

Despite the fact that the RPG genre has been constantly reinvented over the years, it’s nice to know that there are companies like Polish developers Reality Pump who are keeping the flame alive, packing huge gameworlds full of plate armor, dragons, and giant swords. Two Worlds II promises a stylish new take on that kind of gaming comfort food, wrapped in a graphically advanced package.

There’s a lot of content to sift through, however, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of it while playing a game of this scope. Let our crack walkthrough writers be your guide to all the worlds you might want to adventure through.

Table of Contents

Prison Break!

Part 1 of 1

  1. Your journey starts with an unknown character lending you a hand in a prison escape. After the first cutscene, make your way up the stairs to the second floor.
  2. Once you reach a large room with a staircases and bookcases, look in between those book cases to find a switch. The switch will activate a hidden passage.
  3. After yet another cut scene, proceed down the path you are on and past the first teleport (it doesn’t work :[).
  4. To activate the second teleport, you will need to speak to Dar Pha, grab the "old mace" on the shelf next to you, and go protect the entrance. You do this by defeating a very easy guard.
  5. Head to Alsorna where you will find that Dar Pha has been caught in a trap. Proceed to the teleport, where you will engage in combat with some gnomes.
  6. NOTE: The gnomes are pretty tough and your best bet BY FAR is to kill them silently !
  7. Upon defeating the guard, you will unlock The Rescue.

On An Island

Part 1 of 2

  1. As the name of this section, and perhaps of a certain Dave Gilmour album might suggest, you will now find yourself on a continent on the outside world.
  2. Your next destination is a place called Hatmandor, but in order to do so, you will have to get around the Dragon Gate quest.
  3. In order to get through the gates, you have a series of options. Inside the city, you will be able to find a man by the name of Smart Mat who will offer you a forged pass. This is a fraud and will not work but is necessary to unlock the Forged Pass quest.
  4. Similarly, you will also find Tobias the Trunk in the city who will offer you information. He is also a fraud. You will end up losing money going along with either of these characters so be careful!
  5. Follow the path straight up to the teleport, defeating enemies along the way. You will have a training session here, so take note of different commands (LT to block and B to break an enemy's defensive stance.
  6. You will learn how to use a bow and arrow and how to take out two enemies at once. Follow the step by step instructions to take out the enemies across the bridge.
  7. When you are aiming with your bow and arrow, make sure you are standing on the other side- the objective of this training is to take out enemies from a distance.
  8. After getting on your way back to camp, you will learn that there are more enemies around. Using the staff you are handed, hold and release RT to cast spells and defeat the enemies in the dungeon with them.
  9. In the final room, you will see a very large enemy and will be prompted not to get near it. Pick up the skill book on the floor and use it to learn an ice spell. You will then receive instructions for how to activate it- pull up your inventory, click on the magic tab, and switch the ice card with the fire card.
  10. Use the ice spell to take out the enemy and use the teleporter behind him to find your way back to the surface.

Part 2 of 2

  1. Once you are back in town, you will witness another cut scene (in case you guys haven't noticed, I don't like giving away cut scenes or plot if it's not necessary to do so to help you progress through the game :P ).
  2. Before following Dar Pha, take a look around this room. There are 5 pieces of treasure lying about in the open.
  3. After exploring your room, find Sokaris and talk to him. He is located down the stairs around the corner and to the left from your room.
  4. Head back upstairs to acquire the teleportation stone and use it (you can bring it up from the inventory) to teleport to the one marker that you have activated thus far on your journey.
  5. After the conversation in the chamber, teleport back out onto the world map and head north until you reach the bridge (just pull your map up if you get lost- you can't miss it!).
  6. Defeat the enemies there and return the stone back to the chamber the same way you came.
  7. After the cutscene, you will unlock the Into The Fire Achievement.

Bayan and Beyond

Part 1 of 4

  1. Take the first opportunity in this new village to do some shopping. Talk to Alina outside of Bayan when you are done stocking up.
  2. Head to the field just south of the bridge on the world map and defeat the ostriches there. You will get roots that you need to then bring back to Alina.
  3. Upon your return, Alina will hand you an Alchemy handbook that you can use to synthesize mixtures. Take the roots you just acquired and make them into a potion. Congrats, you now have a very non intimidating horse to ride around on! (cue the sarcastic thumbs up there)

Part 2 of 4

  1. After getting on the horse, your next job is to find Atlan and ask him to provide food for the village. In order to get to him, you will need to go out past the bridge where you found the ostriches and follow the path for quite a long time. It's okay though, right? I mean.. you've got a non intimidating horse.
  2. Once you see a fence to your right, disembark and talk to Atlan. He will tell you that you need to run a course with your horse (who now has a chance to prove itself non intimidating). He will also hand you a scroll. Strange initiation for village leadership, eh?
  3. Pull up your map and scroll east. See that destination that's fairly far away with the target? Yeah, that's where we're headed.
  4. Start along on the path, but I do recommend cutting across the grass when it is opportune to do so. Collect the symbol and the map and return to Atlan the same way you came.
  5. After speaking to Atlan, head out onto the pathway and you will see a timer pop up and a prompt to reach the next check point. It is time to gallop your heart out! Use the map in the lower left hand corner of your screen to know where the checkpoints are- they are the red Xs.
  6. All you need to do is reach the trophy at the end of the course within the time limit. Backtracking DOES count so make sure you make it all the way back as well without time expiring. Gallop full speed the entire time, don't get thrown off, and avoid being surrounded by enemies. There is little margin for error here.

Part 3 of 4

  1. Head into the village and you will run into the useless man who obsesses over termites. Head past him to the pier and talk to Purow. Uh oh. Looks like the termites are going to play some role in finding a fresh water source..
  2. Return to our termite obsessed friend and acquire the book from him. Open it up to find some valuable information.
  3. Outside of the village, you will find a bunch of Varns that have surrounded the water source. You will need to fight them all but be very defensive- they hit HARD! Attack from a distance with your bow and arrow combo if you can. There are 10 in total
  4. Return to Atlan and talk to him. Next, you will need to swim northeast to the lighthouse.
  5. Talk to Selen at the lighthouse. Honestly, the easiest way to go about this is just to kill Selen. Backtrack to Atlan and speak to him, and trading will now be reestablished!

Part 4 of 4

  1. After you complete the Elimination Job quest, you will meet Tongue after leaving the inn. If you follow this man you will be lead to house. Then, you will find yourself locked in. Shady much?
  2. In order to get yourself out of the house, you will need to take care of 2 thugs. You know the drill. Be careful about letting your health run low in this battle. Don't gamble as much as you would in another fight. With the way these guys hit, it's better to be safe then sorry.
  3. Your next objective will be to locate 5 dragon scales for the local merchant. You will need to get to the Dragon Slayers' Den in the Hatmandor region. You will need to get past a few scorpions in order to get to them, but hey, that's nothing new for a seasoned pro like you now, right?
  4. Finally (or so we'd hope..), the merchant wants you to sell 5 swords to the imperial guards. Go collect the money from them.. you'll find that they are quite the easy sale. Bring the money to the merchant to unlock the A Friend In Need quest.
  5. Next, head to the area by the sewers and look for a small staircase. You will find Reesa there, who is looking for a certain item to repay her debts.
  6. After the sequence, you can return to the merchant and tell him that Reesa is fine.

A Continent Full of Quests

Part 1 of 2

  1. From Cheznaddar, exit to the south to reach a town called New Ashos. The first place you will see is the university. Speak to David and bring him back his "package."
  2. The package is located in the forest northwest of the university. Unless you are extremely patient, you will probably end up killing the shifty stranger that has it. Ah well. Whatever works.
  3. Find Sarius, who is south of David, and speak to the student. Afterwards, find Lisa in the dorms, talk to her, and you will be able to hire her to dance at Sarius's party. Backtrack and tell Sarius of the good news.
  4. Next, speak to Dr. Annaya, who will direct you to Professor Rhodeus (the sexual harasser, apparently). Next talk to Annaya again, then Angie, and then choose to side with Annaya.
  5. Now you will need to talk to to Dr. Lavarius and he will reveal your next objective- to seek out Kaineth at a gambling house called The Lion. The guard won't let you in immediately, so go see Sammy the Bull (you will be directed).
  6. When you arrive at your destination, you will find him already dead and receive membership to the club.
  7. Inside The Lion, speak to Kaineth and then Eric. The Astronomy Department which you have to find is southeast of where you currently are. Head over there. A lot of cutscenes and information are revealed here, so I'll refrain from saying too much :]
  8. When you reach the teleport, speak to Kaineth again. Finally, head back to Alsorna Island to speak to your good prophet buddy Cassara. She isn’t there, but a cutscene ensues. You now have access to a whole new location and unlock Into the Swamp !

Part 2 of 2

  1. Teleport to the swamp and talk to the villager Aiadan. You can find him standing next to a wagon by the inn. He will direct you to the priest.
  2. The priest can be found at the temple. After you talk to Garadel, you will be introduced to your next quest. Afterwards, backtrack to where Aiadan was and talk to him once again.
  3. If you have completed the blacksmith quest, you will actually be able to acquire the needed amulet from Aiadan a much easier, and technically hidden, way. The trick is to visit Aiadan before you head out to the spire and to tell him that you are not sure if you will be able to return the amulet to him . He will end up giving you the amulet. A bit silly, but effective!
  4. Please note, if you haven’t rescued the blacksmith yet, you can locate him by the swamp. He will be approached by some undead monsters, so be prepared to fight them. There’s nothing special about their attack or defense, so you’ll be able to dispose of them quickly.
  5. Enter Eollas

    Part 1 of 3

    1. Talk to Tai Lin and head southwest of the main university. Talk to Shui Ban and clear the monsters within the time limit. Don’t worry too much about healing and focus on your offense.
    2. Once inside the house, beat all the monsters. Make sure you remember the basement and backyard. After that, find Shui Ban on the northwest side of time and talk to him.
    3. Deliver the letter to Kaineth’s assistant Tai in the northern end of New Ashos. Then go back and talk to Tai.

    Part 2 of 3

    1. You will be asked by Senoir to kill creatures in a jungle and keep record of it. On the west side of New Ashos you will find an underground passage. You will reach an island with the creatures, kill them and return to Senoir. There will be a lesson given, you will be offered a science grant by Apis.
    2. After talking to Apis in his office, you will need to defeat a number of wasps that are located to the east.
    3. Head south of Old Ashos towards the red X on your map. The red X is the shattered teleport- your next destination.

    Part 3 of 3

    1. Once in New Ashos, take the east exit and go along the path until you reach the bridge. If you see the beavers, you are on the right track. Go up the stream and you will run into the Pied Piper.
    2. Pull up your map. There will be a red X by the university. This X is where the Trainers house is. Eliminate the insects inside the house.
    3. Explore the area- there are plenty of enemies around here. Head back to New Ashos when you are done.

    New Ashos

    Part 1 of 5

    1. There are ingredients for tea scattered in three locations in New Ashos. Bring them to the cemetery when you find them.
    2. Northeast of the Savenger camp, you will find a Leraphs nest. There are other inhabitants as well that you will need to dispose of.
    3. Go to the university and check the dorms to the north-northwest for a magic book. Check the book for clues two times and go to the deserred house on west coast. Read the book in the basement. In my typical fashion, I will refrain from revealing any spoilers.
    4. Take the Sacred Wells teleport to reach your next destination.

    Part 2 of 5

    1. Go north of the shattered teleport and keep an eye out for the remains of a caravan. Find an urn and take it to the cemetery that is located Northeast of New Ashos.
    2. West of the teleport outside of New Ashos and you will run across a robber you have to fight. Go southeast at the first fork, fight off the next robber, then head south to the next fork and southeast again to find the hats.
    3. Return the hats to the merchant to unlock a set of more quests.

    Part 3 of 5

    1. Talk to Revnar, who will ask you to find his lost partner Mornar. Head northeast from the shattered teleport to find him and then backtrack to Revnar.
    2. Your next destination is the Lost Grove, where you will find Banagh. Afterwards, talk to Mal Nis, who you will find on the southern patio in the university.
    3. You will then learn that Ann is in her room. Go speak to her and reunite her with Banagh.

    Part 4 of 5

    1. Go into Ghortarius’s room and take the teleport to the swamp. You are looking for a flaming heart but will quickly find yourself swarmed with enemies.
    2. Raise your defense against poison and be sure to heal often- this battle is a test of endurance, not sheer strength, so fight a defensive battle.
    3. Head southwest and talk to Aidan. Before you reach Garadel, the priest, you will need to return to Aidan to get an amulet from him. He doesn’t want to give it. Things never get any easier around here, do they?
    4. Head north to find a blacksmith named Culainn. He has a lightning rod that you need to attract monsters with the amulet. Rather, I should say *had*.
    5. Save him from his attackers, and you will be rewarded with the realization that the blacksmith threw the rod in the swamp. Time to find this rod of his.
    6. Southeast of the village, you will find an area referred to as Crow’s puddle. You can find the lightning rod here.
    7. Go southwest and you will find where you need to insert the rod. Kill the creature with the amulet (finally, we have what we are looking for) and take the teleport back to the priest.

    The Witch, The Priest, and the Aftermath

    Part 1 of 2

    1. The Village Tir Caillte is southwest of your current location. Head to the inn next to the temple and you will find The Chronicle and The Chronicle II in the chest.
    2. I will refrain from spoiling what you will learn from reading the two Chronicles, but you will now have to cross the marshes in their entirety. You will know that you are on the right track if you run into several undead enemies on the way.
    3. After crossing the marsh, you will find your prize in gold coins scattered in the pound that’s just next to the well.
    4. Continue along the path and you will find the witch. Talk to her- she’s got something pretty interesting to say.
    5. Nalia (the witch) will have you go to a tower north of where she is. Inside the tower, there is a chest with a spell inside. Grab the spell and bring it back to her.
    6. Next, Nalia will ask you for Aniseed. If you go back towards Tir Caillte, take the eastern path and visit the first house that you will see.
    7. The seed is in the yard by the fence. Take a look around- there’s plenty of other goodies to grab there as well. Nalia is still in the same place, so bring her back the goods.

    Part 2 of 2

    1. Go to the temple and the priest will confront you. After an interesting bit of information, follow Aidan into the Old Crypt.
    2. Aidan is in a bit of trouble. Bring back Nalia to help him and another scene occurs which I refuse to spoil. Enjoy it!
    3. After all is said and done, go to town and strike some conversations with the townspeople. Then, go speak to the prophet.
    4. Go to the inn and read the Village Chronicles that you will find in the chest. Next, go to the southwest corner of the area to find a well. You will find the mayor’s skeleton along with the gold.
    5. Along the way to the Warriors’ Guild, you will come across some people digging a grave. Further down the way, it will be revealed that the person being buried is actually still among the living.
    6. You will need to speak with Haadija, who will turn into a monster that you will have to fight. Be prepared before you initiate the conversation! Upon defeating the monster, you will have saved the person being buried alive.
    7. Upon completing this chain of events, you will be invited to join the Warriors’ Guild and subsequently unlock Contract of Fame and Bound of Blood .
    8. Visit the leader of the guild and he will direct you to the blacksmith.
    9. The blacksmith has a new weapon that he is going to want you to test. Upon receiving it, make sure to equip it!
    10. After you equip the weapon, continue your conversation with the blacksmith.
    11. Next, you will be sent to Memory Hall where you will have to fight a pretty weird monster. I guess they needed some way to test the weapon, right?
    12. You will find that this new axe you received will protect you amply from this creatures’ magic. It will summon smaller creatures to attack you (don’t be fooled, these guys can hurt you and I mean QUICK!).
    13. The most strategic way to go about this battle is to hit the monsters before they can hit you. Do NOT make this a defensive battle. Hit them hard and fast. You will only need to survive two waves of the attack before the battle ends, so don’t drag it out!
    14. After the fight, go speak to the blacksmith one last time. He will let you keep the axe.

    The Last Castle

    1. Head south of the swamp to find the Vakhmarr teleport. Head southwest of this teleport and you can find the secret entrance to the castle amongst the rocks and terrain.
    2. Keep in mind that you will need to be completely equipped and you will need to grab all of your supplies before entering. Save your game. There is no way out of the castle once you enter.
    3. Destroy the enemies in the dungeon and you will get to Gandohar. Follow Kyra after the cutscene.
    4. Resistance to fire would help you immensely here. Use your shortcut to healing after every other hit (maybe even after every hit, depending on your stats- be safe). First you will have to take out one monster. Then 2. Then 3 and the battle is over.
    5. You have now successfully saved Kyra who takes Gandohar’s crown. You are now free to adventure across the land. Congratulations on finishing Two Worlds II!
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