Ubisoft Blames Lack Of New Console For Generic Games

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Published by GameFront.com 6 years ago , last updated 2 months ago

Posted on July 24, 2012, Ross Lincoln Ubisoft Blames Lack Of New Console For Generic Games

If you’ve wondered whether it’s just or, or if it really does seem like Ubisoft has of late become nothing more than the producer of endless sequels, it’s not just you. Why, a check of their 2012 slate shows only one game – the Wii U launch title ZombieU – that isn’t a sequel. But before you get too tsk-tsk-ee on them, make note: it’s totally not their fault, it’s because console makers are slipping.

At least, that’s the word from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. Talking to Gamasutra, he suggested that the long length of the current console generation – 7 years and change as of this writing – has led to creative decline among developers. “What we missed was a new console every five years,” Guillemot said. “We have been penalized by the lack of new consoles on the market. I understand the manufacturers don’t want them too often because it’s expensive, but it’s important for the entire industry to have new consoles because it helps creativity.”

Why is this? “It’s a lot less risky for us to create new IPs and new products, ” he continued, “when we’re in the beginning of a new generation. Our customers are very open to new things. Our customers are reopening their minds — and they are really going after what’s best. … At the end of a console generation, they want new stuff, but they don’t buy new stuff as much. They know their friends will play Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed so they go for that. So the end of a cycle is very difficult.”

I see his point. People may indeed be reluctant to invest in a new IP on the current generation so soon before they’ll have to blow a ton upgrading to the next. Still, there’s something to be said for developers doing their bit. The God of War series launched its second game for PS2 some 5 months after Playstation 3 debuted. That sounds kind of dumb, but it also suggests the current generation may continue to enjoy life well into the next generation. Hell, Rockstar’s Bully launched 2 weeks before the Playstation 3 launched. Which is to say there’s no reason that developers couldn’t continue to innovate no matter the moment in the development cycle, other than willingness.

Which is to say, this sounds more like a nice sounding excuse. Perhaps one with a lot of truth, but an excuse nonetheless. Thoughts, Game Fronters?

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