Ubisoft Brings Back Action Sports with Shaun White Snowboarding

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Posted on May 28, 2008, Shawn Sines Ubisoft Brings Back Action Sports with Shaun White Snowboarding


Ubisoft has announced the development of an action sports title they promise will redefine the genre; Shaun White Snowboarding. The Olympic Gold Medalist and eight-time X Games Gold Medalist, collaborated with Ubisoft to create an open world experience where players can race, trace paths through virgin snow, pull off tricks or have snowball fights with their friends.

Shaun White Snowboarding will turn all of the traditional ideas and experiences of past action sports titles upside down, said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft. The combination of Ubisofts innovation approach and the influence of Shauns lifestyle and perspective make this gaming experience like no other.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are built on the Assassin’s Creed Engine and are fully physics driven. The Wii version of the game has been designed from the ground up using the Wii Balance Board and features its own storyline. Full details of the key features for each platform are listed after the break.

Key Features of Shaun White Snowboarding for Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION 3 system, and Windows-based PC:

  • Open World Mountains: Choose how you ride in open-world mountains across the world. Conquer extreme peak conditions, create your own paths in the back country, or compete with fellow riders in the terrain parks.
  • Your Friends Are Always Around: Play in a world where your friends are always around. Do your own runs on mountains populated by real gamers, or join your friends for a quick session from any mountain.
  • More than Just Snowboarding: Have fun with your friends on and off the board! Throw snowballs, hike to access secret spots, film your friends doing ripping tricks. You can also upload your videos online to share with the world.
  • Ride Your Way: Express yourself through tricks, riding styles, and highly customizable avatars both in single-player and in the online world. Use the intuitive dual analog control to pull off a huge variety of tricks that express your style.
  • Next-Gen Technology: Built on the Assassin’s Creed engine, this game creates a massive world with gorgeous visuals and realistic NPC interactions. This is also the first time a snowboarding game is completely driven by physics instead of animation.
  • Authentic Snowboarding: Ubisoft has worked closely with Shaun White to infuse the gaming experience with authenticity, personality and humor. Shaun is a friend and mentor in the game, and will help you with your skills. And, if you are deemed worthy, you may even be able to play as Shaun in the game

Key features of Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii system:

  • Exclusive storyline: Everybody loves a road trip! You and your crew travel the world to participate in a variety of the largest and craziest events to become a world-renowned athlete. Life on the road to success wouldnt be the same without the support of your friends, who will always be there to help you out and keep your head on your shoulders. Stand together with your friends both in the game and in the living room and you will be able to conquer the madness that fame brings.
  • Go on a globetrotting adventure with Shaun White as your partner Ubisoft worked in close contact with Shaun White in order to infuse the experience with the most authentic elements of his riding style, personality and sense of humor. Shaun will act as a good-natured friend and mentor to the player, hooking him up with the right friends to conquer challenges together, introduce him to new locales, or simply be around to share in a laugh.

Wii Balance Board Integration Get yourself into the game like never before by using the Wii Board to control your rider. Control your carves, jumps and grinds with the intuitiveness and fun of having a snowboard in your own living room.

  • Everyone plays, no one waits Engage in a seamlessly integrated multiplayer experience for two to four players, where every player is active in the game at all times.
  • Get together your crew In the world of snowboarding, it pays to have friends on your side. Your crew of friends will always be there to help you by offering you unique abilities to improve both your riding and keeping you grounded with friendly pranks; filming all the antics along the way.
  • Fame and Respect Getting your name out there by doing well as a pro snowboarder is bound to get you some recognition. As your fame grows, so too does your ability to take on bigger and bigger challenges, from new mountains to more prestigious events and competitions. Fame, however, isnt everything. Youll need to gain your friends respect by riding with style in order to gain their support; they will help you find hidden areas, share their favorite music tracks and keep you laughing.

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