Ubisoft Discusses Quailty in Franchsies and New IPs

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Posted on December 4, 2007, Stephany Ubisoft Discusses Quailty in Franchsies and New IPs


Ubisoft’s business development manager, Fabrice Pierre-Elien, has has stated he believes that developing new intellectual properties is not only an important aspect of company growth but that it is also beneficial to improving the quality of video games.

“Just to churn out sequel after sequel, we have done that in the past as well, and we are still very keen on establishing franchises – but we take the time in between those sequels to make the best possible game, not just another title of which the previous edition was out twelve months ago. The more franchises you have, the more time you can take to make sure the next one is as good as it can be”, as told to GamesIndustry.

Pierre-Elien also added, that while the creation of new games are critical to the company, Ubisoft does not have to rely on its internal studios to work on that area.

“One of our corporate goals is to create new IP, and we’ve been very successful in launching some of them in the past few years. It’s something we’re very keen on, at a global corporate level. So our studios are creating new IPs, we’re also creating new IP with excellent partners – we feel it’s important to have some fresh air in the portfolio.”

While I agree that new games with new ideas are integral to the gaming industry as a whole, the thing that bugs gamers the most are sequels that ruin the entire experience you gained from the first foray into the franchise. Not all gaming sequels can live up to (non Ubisoft examples) God of War or The Legend of Zelda games? Thinks of how many games are released every year as a follow up that are detrimental to the previous installment – Manhunt 2, Resident Evil: Dead Aim – the list is a long one. If a company wants to concentrate on new IPs, that is great as gives gamers more of a selection, but developers and publishers must also make sure than the latest chapter in a series is just as fresh and enjoyable as a totally new idea lest they ruin the entire series for gamers.

GDC Lyon and Game Connection are taking place this week at the Centre de Congres in Lyon, France. The full interview with Fabrice Pierre-Elien is available now on GamesIndustry.biz where he also talks about supporting the Wii.

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