Ubisoft Loses Poaching Court Case To THQ

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Posted on December 19, 2011, Ross Lincoln Ubisoft Loses Poaching Court Case To THQ

THQ has been engaged in a very bitter battle with Ubisoft over allegations that THQ had ‘poached’ Ubisoft Monstreal employees in violation of said employees’ noncompete contract clauses. Setting aside the odious nature of such clauses, a ruling against THQ could have significantly hurt them, forcing them to cease development on games created using contested staffers. Luckily, the presiding judge didn’t agree with Ubisoft, and ruled against them. As if they’d wielded a legal argument combined with a giant floppy purple dildo, THQ had bashed in Ubisoft’s hope of restricting where their former employees may work, and THQ may thus continue to hire who they like.

On the ruling, THQ’s Ed Kaufman said “The Court of Appeal’s decision is a tremendous victory for THQ Montreal and all of the creative talent working in the video game industry in Montreal. We are thrilled with the Court’s decision in this matter because we believe strongly in an individual’s freedom to choose where they want to be employed. Our goal has always been to promote free competition and to allow the many creative talent in the interactive entertainment industry in Montreal to be able to choose where they want to work. We believe the Court of Appeal’s decision will promote competition, alleviate people’s fears and encourage more talented people to join Patrice and our other creative employees at our state-of-the-art studio in Montreal.”


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