Ubisoft Presser Shows First 5 Minutes of Far Cry 4, New Rainbow Six

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Posted on June 9, 2014, Phil Hornshaw Ubisoft Presser Shows First 5 Minutes of Far Cry 4, New Rainbow Six

We’re three press conferences down on Zero Day of E3 2014, with Ubisoft announcing a new Rainbow Six title (it’s not Patriots) and giving some new murdery context to Far Cry 4.

The opening of the press event started with the first five minutes of Far Cry 4, in which we meet for real antagonist Pagan Min during a shootout (spoiler alert: the monkey gets it). Guess what: He’s pretty evil. Here’s a recap of everything we learned and the things we saw:

After the controversy surrounding Far Cry 4′s box art and its imperialist look, we get a little more of Pagan Min, the “quirky” bad guy you’ll be trying to kill, presumably, throughout the game. We didn’t hear much else, however, except that your character is carrying a fake passport and a gun in a failed attempt to cross a border. Just Dance 2015 is taking dancing in your living room to a more social level, allowing an unlimited number of players and cross-device compatibility. During the presser, dancers “played” by holding smartphones while they danced, presumably making use of the devices’ accelerometers and gyroscopes. Supposedly it’ll be latency free, as well.

We got another cinematic look at The Division that didn’t really explain much, and saw a little more gameplay at the Xbox One press event, but there’s little in the way of new information.

A new video of The Crew demonstrated players’ ability to drive from one coast to the other in the racing title as part of its many two-plus-hour missions. It launches on Nov. 11 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

No Ubisoft presser would be complete without mention of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which demonstrated some single-player gameplay. Taking place during the French Revolution, a few of the notable changes are four-player cooperative multiplayer, the ability to move into and out of interiors seamlessly, and the ability to see enemies through walls even in places players haven’t been (although that’s something we need to know more about in order to compare it to the Eagle vision tagging system that appeared in Assassin’s Creed IV. Despite some hype talk about all new systems and gameplay, there still seems to be mainstays like running down and tackling thieves and whatnot.

Another Kinect-exclusive title, Shape Up, looks to gamify your workout to make it less boring. Demonstrations included a Dance Dance Revolution-style rhythmic stomp-fest, in which the player challenged his own previous recorded performance to set a new high score, and a push-up contest with a sort of Mario Party style minigame going on around it. The idea is to push players to work out harder because of the lure of high scoring and competition.

Ubisoft rolled out a touching trailer for Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a “puzzle adventure” game that tells stories from World War I based on actual letters from soldiers. Made in the UbiArt Engine that’s also at the heart of Child of Light and the latest Rayman titles, it seems to put players in the role of a dog observing the stories the game tells. It’s out soon, too — June 25.

Throwing in one last thing, Ubisoft announced and showed off Rainbow Six: Siege, showing multiplayer gameplay as one team of five Rainbow Six squad folks tried to free a hostage from five terrorists (one assumes) in a house. Lots of destroying walls and tactical gameplay with gadgets to be seen.

Ubisoft didn’t have much new in the way to show players — much of what we’ve seen is just details added to games about which we know broad strokes. Valiant Hearts is a title we’ve seen before but which impressed with its trailer, and the announcement of a new Rainbow Six suggested a potentially very interesting multiplayer title. Check out our continued coverage of all these games (or whatever Ubisoft will let us play) as E3 continues this week.

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