Ubisoft Releases New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Walkthrough Video

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Posted on April 23, 2014, Stew Shearer Ubisoft Releases New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Walkthrough Video

Ubisoft has released a new 8-minute video showcasing Watch Dogs’ multiplayer.

The video, which is narrated by animation director Colin Graham, highlights three of the game’s online multiplayer modes, including its online hacking contracts, ctOS mobile companion app and competitive decryption combat.

About half of the video was devoted to the hacking contracts mode. In this portion, Graham is hacked by another player whom he then tries to identify by firing into the air to scare off the nearby NPCs. Once the other player is identified a car chase ensues where Graham, hindered by police, fails to catch up and only manages to earn partial points for his positive ID of his opponent.

The segment highlighting the ctOS mobile app meanwhile showed off how the player will interact with gamers participating via mobile devices and tablets. The player using the ctOS app challenges Graham to a race where he has to run through checkpoints while the app player directs police forces and utilizes hacks to try and slow their progress.

The competitive decryption combat meanwhile featured Graham along with a team of allies fighting a opposing players as both sides try to hack a contested data file. Both teams are show using a variety of tactics and hacks to try and capture the file. As the video ends, Graham’s team is victorious.

Players interested in replicating Graham’s experience will be able to do so when Watch Dogs finally releases to retailers on May 27th.

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