Ubisoft’s ShootMania Storm Open Beta Coming in February

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Posted on January 25, 2013, Phil Hornshaw Ubisoft’s ShootMania Storm Open Beta Coming in February

Ubisoft and Nadeo’s upcoming competitive PC first-person shooter ShootMania Storm has a firm release date — April 10 — and is headed into open beta in February.

That April 10 release date is actually a delay, but it seems that the goal is for Nadeo to make sure all the kinks and balancing issues are as ironed out as possible before the actual launch; hence, an open beta that anyone can play in. The game is actually in a closed beta period now, accessible by pre-order.

If you’re unfamiliar, ShootMania is a shooter version of Nadeo’s TrackMania, and basically is a multiplayer FPS that’s highly supportive of user-made maps. The game itself is sort of simplified, with little in the way of excessive weapons and customization, to put the focus on strategy and team play rather than on gathering lots of weaponry and so on.

We got a chance to see ShootMania in action at E3 2012, and it’s a pretty impressive competitive game. According to Ubisoft’s press release, players in the beta have already created 15 game modes and more than 20,000 maps.

You can pre-order Shootmania for $15.99 at its website here.

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