Uh Oh: Spore Microtransactions Still a Possibility

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Posted on July 29, 2008, Jonathan Uh Oh: Spore Microtransactions Still a Possibility

Dang it, EA. Why you always gotta try and shoehorn microtransactions into everything these days? Is it the money, or is it…ah, who am I kidding? It’s definitely the money. Well, in a rather ominous revelation today, EA CEO John Riccitiello mentioned in a conference call that microtransactions could still be a possibility for Spore.

Job one with Spore is to make the launch successful. I would love to imagine that two years from now or a year from now the debate is whether we need a Spore label inside of EA, because the back-end system works so well that we’re able to monetize body parts, plant parts, car parts, planets – as a way to generate incremental revenue off an install base of several million active users…Yes, we’ve got a clear, obvious and very compelling post-launch monetization opportunity. This is a game where basically, the parts are what make the sum of the product work. So selling parts as we do with the Sims Store online right now in The Sims 2 is incredibly obvious, we have all the technology for it, but that’s really not what the overwhelming portion of our focus is on right now. It’s on making that a successful launch and making sure we have the right to ask that question down the road.

To summarize: “We’re focusing on Spore’s launch right now, but we may start adding microtransactions later on, like we did with The Sims 2.” Overall, I don’t think this will change the core game much, but it’s still a pain to know a company is very obviously trying to milk you for more money. And yet, I could still see myself buying a batch of body parts just to make that 100% accurate depiction of the Grimmace I want.

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