UK ASA Bans Kane & Lynch Ads 5 Months Post Launch

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Posted on April 9, 2008, Shawn Sines UK ASA Bans Kane & Lynch Ads 5 Months Post Launch


In an unbelievable move, the UK Advertising Standards Authority has banned Kane & Lynch ads five months after the game‘s lackluster release. The ASA has mandated that there will be no reprinting or rebroadcasting of Kane & Lynch ads.

According to the Guardian, there have been a few complaints, 26 to be precise, that the poster above is “graphic and too shocking to be seen in an untargeted medium“.

The ad was used a double-page spread in Future Publishing’s computer game magazine Edge, while a second version appeared in the magazine Total Film!

Ruling on the Kane & Lynch poster! the ASA said it was “likely to be seen as condoning and glorifying real violence”, and was also irresponsible and “likely to cause serious or widespread offence”.

The Guardian also included a quote from the ASA report:

We noted that the demographic profile of the magazines that carried the ads was predominantly adult males and that only a small number of children were likely to have seen the ads.

We considered, however, that the graphic and shocking image, which would be seen as condoning and glorifying real violence, was likely to cause distress to some readers and was unsuitable for children to see. We therefore concluded that the placement of the ads was irresponsible.

Was the ASA really that slow on the draw, or has it decided to jump on the “Ban” wagon as far as violent games? Had they made this decision in November when Eidos released the game, it wouldn’t seem as unreasonable. Five months down the road and it comes off as ludicrous.

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