UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Cracks Down On Gaming

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Posted on September 4, 2007, William UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Cracks Down On Gaming


This week, Minister Gordon Brown will be assembling a “Citizen’s Jury”, where citizens will have a direct influence on policymaking concerning the banning of certain video games. Mr. Gordon’s statement on gaming is typical of anyone who really has no in-depth experience in the gaming world. His statement follows:

“I know… that parents are concerned about whether children are too exposed to harmful violence and sexual imagery in video computer games and on the internet,” said Brown, “so as we launch the court consultation on our children’s plan we will be looking at all the evidence on the effects of this material, whether we need new rules for the advertising and sale of these products to children and young people.”

When are people of the world going to “get real” when it comes to the debates concerning video games and affects on children. A vast majority of games are marketed to adults. A majority of gamers are over the age of 18 and in most cases, well over the age of 18. This entire debacle is not about children at all. It’s more or less a 21st Century “witch hunt”. We certainly have countless problems in society and video games are certainly not the catalyst for violence and deviant behavior. They already have a good rating system in place for games, so it blows my mind that they simply don’t go with those guidelines and enforce them. We do not need more policies in this world when it comes to games. We simply need to enforce the guidelines already in place.


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