UK Retailer HMV Says PS3 is Meeting Sales Expectations

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Posted on June 1, 2007, Ron Whitaker UK Retailer HMV Says PS3 is Meeting Sales Expectations

Wii, PS3, and XBox 360

Despite what you may have heard, the PS3 is meeting its sales expectations, at least for one UK retailer. Tim Ellis, president of games for HMV, a leading UK gaming retailer, says, “Sales remain in line with expectations, occasionally even exceeding them. We’re looking forward to further games releases, and when the time’s right, a suitable price revision to take the console to its next level of sales.”

How about the other two consoles? As far as the Wii goes, Ellis praised Nintendo for keeping them well informed, saying, “Supply is stabilizing and Nintendo is doing a very good job of keeping us updated on key developments,” said Ellis. Ellis says of the XBox 360, “The console continues to hold its own and I’m sure Microsoft will know when to consider stimulating sales further via pricing.”

So, what does all of this news mean to gamers? “From a retail and customer perspective it’s great to have three games heavyweights relatively matched and vying for market domination. This creative tension is leading to fantastic innovative technology and brilliant games,” concludes Ellis.

Anytime competition is high, it usually stimulates good products, and the current ‘console wars’ are no exception. The race to be the ‘#1 next-gen console’ will provide us with great games, and most likely a reason to own all the consoles.

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