Ultimate Custom Night: The New, Free, FNaF Game

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Scott Cawthon is infamous for releasing new Five Nights at Freddy’s games at an extremely quick rate, but despite something of a misfire with FNaF World, the majority of these games have brought the same high quality, compelling horror.

I discovered Five Nights at Freddy’s after watching a series on YouTube by Markiplier, and the sheer tension and anxiety caused by not knowing what’s happening, having restricted or limited movement, and knowing a horrible, mechanical monster could pop out to jump scare you at any minute, makes the experience extremely compelling and the key to the series’ huge success.

But for those who have never felt able to jump into the series before - because understandably, why would you want to drop money on a game that’s going to make you wet yourself and never play it again – this new entry into the series is completely free, and includes the best elements from all the previous games, which you can combine into your own, custom, ultimate night.


Much like previous games in the series, Ultimate Night is set in a dark, ominous security office, haunted by self aware, potentially possessed animatronics which harbour violent intentions toward you. The difference this time is that the game has a selection of 50 animatronic characters, from all previous games in the series, which you can drop into the game, and assign custom difficulty levels. This means the experience can be as easy, hard, or brutally impossible as you want it to be.

In addition to the custom animatronics element, the game also includes the ususal vents, doors and air hoses which you need to monitor, and you’ll need to use your visual, and auditory skills, to listen tor triggers and clues and perform the right actions to keep the animatronics away.

There’s a lot to remember in this one, with the new heater and A/C vents to consider, the return of the music box, the levels of your power generator, and much more. Oh, and one new addition is the ability to set traps in vents, find collectables in the form of Faz-Coins, and best of all, the Pirate Cove curtain returns – but there’s two of them now, so, twice the Foxy, twice the fun, I guess.

There’s plenty to see and do in this game, with various challenges to complete, new voice acting, and plenty of unlockables to keep the game interesting.

So, are you up for the Ultimate Night at Freddy’s?


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