UMD a Waste of Time, Money and Investment, Says Perry

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Posted on September 17, 2007, Chris UMD a Waste of Time, Money and Investment, Says Perry


David Perry, founder of Shiny and operator of, isn’t particularly high on the PlayStation Portable’s choice of media. In fact, he thinks UMD is a waste of time, money, and investment. He goes so far as to suggest that Sony needs to re-think the entire strategy for PSP game distribution.

“They really need to restart the PSP programme in my book. They really need to bring out the PSP 3.0 and start again and try to get a lot of units out by reducing the manufacturing costs, by taking out all the motors and drives and stuff they have in there.”

“That will make it even more sexy-looking, because it will be thinner again when they get all that junk out. Then, hopefully, the platform will actually get enough interest so that people will make a game specifically for it,” Perry said.

Digital distribution seems like a fine option, but Perry also explained why this method hasn’t been employed by Sony.

“The truth is, the stores will not carry PSPs unless they feel they are going to get a piece of the action on the back end. And Sony has not come up with an innovative business model that can support that concept.”

Couldn’t games on memory sticks be a solution? While I certainly agree that UMD is a poor format, and a change on that front would be tremendously beneficial to the PSP (better battery life and smaller size, to cite two reasons), I can’t imagine Sony creating a true sequel to the PSP anytime soon. Not if they don’t want to piss off all of the people who are now going out and buying the new PSP Lite (PSP 2000; whatever) – which, by the way, the release of was a “head in the sand” move on the part of Sony.


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