Uncharted 3 Advanced Combat Trophies Guide

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Posted on November 3, 2011, GameFront Staff Uncharted 3 Advanced Combat Trophies Guide

Nathan Drake loves treasure, but he also loves a good challenge — which are so challenging people might need a hand with our video and text walkthrough. First, there were combat trophies; now there are advanced combat trophies, challenges so tricky they needed another page. Scroll down to get some valuable tips for completing these even-more-difficult combat trophies and completing Uncharted 3 once and for all.

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Advanced Combat Trophies Guide

Dyno-Might Master (Silver) – Defeat 4 enemies with one explosion.

  1. This is a tricky one, but you can find a good spot to unlock this trophy in Chapter 16. You’ll reach a locked door with Elena.
  2. You’ll drop into a garage, and you’ll have a chance to stealth kill some guards. Take out every guard in this area silently, and you’ll get a bonus grenade.
  3. Open the door, and a jeep will arrive with four enemies. Before all the enemies get out, run to the back door and drop your grenade. If it doesn’t work, just reload the checkpoint and try again.

Grenade Hangman (Bronze) – Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging.

  1. This trophy and the Hangman trophy can be unlocked simultaneously. Grenades count for the Hangman trophy.
  2. A good place to complete this trophy is right at the beginning of Chapter 15. Defeat the riot shield enemy first, then hang from one of the crates — three more enemies will appear right ahead of you. Throw a grenade to kill all three.
  3. Reload and repeat the process three or four times to unlock the trophy.

Drop the Bomb Hotshot (Bronze) – Make five enemies drop their grenades by shooting them.

  1. This one requires patience, just try to unlock this trophy while playing through the game normally, or while hunting for trophies.
  2. Look out for enemies about to throw grenades. One shot should force them to drop their grenade, but you don’t have to kill them for it to count.

Throwback (Bronze) – Kill 10 enemies with thrown-back grenades.

  1. Again, this trophy can be unlocked anywhere. Scroll down to Throwback Master below for more information on a good location to repeat.
  2. Play the game on the easiest difficulty, and hit [Triangle] when near a grenade, as the red mark passes through the white section of the meter.

Throwback Master (Bronze) – Throw back a grenade and defeat two enemies at once.

  1. The same method applies for this trophy as the previous trophy. Play on the easiest difficulty, so if you screw up, you won’t die instantly.
  2. A safe place to try unlocking this trophy is during Chapter 22. You’ll face enemies before reaching a bridge. Clear out the rest, but leave all the enemies on the bridge alive. There are plenty of bad guys to deal with inside the small building before reaching the bridge, so make sure you’re clear.
  3. When the rest of the bad guys are down, the remaining enemies on the bridge will stick close together and hide behind various pieces of cover. Wait behind cover looking directly down the length of the bridge. Wait here, and the enemies will start throwing grenades.
  4. Throw the grenade back towards the crop of enemies, and you’ll likely get two at once. If you screw up, just reload your checkpoint and give it another try. Remember, on Crushing difficulty, the timer will not appear for grenade throwbacks.

Bare-knuckle Slugger (Bronze) – Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat.

  1. This trophy should unlock after one playthrough of Uncharted 3. If it didn’t, just play the game a second time, and you should have enough. Otherwise, just repeat the brawling stages.

Master Ninja (Bronze) – Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks.

  1. Another trophy unlockable during one playthrough. If you’re low on stealth kills, check out the trophy tips under Exper Ninja for more information on a good location to unlock this trophy.

Expert Ninja (Silver) – Defeat 5 enemies in a row with stealth attacks.

  1. This can be tricky, you’ll need to practice your stealth skills to unlock this trophy. A good spot to start is during Chapter 8, after you meet back up with your Brit friends.
  2. Entering the large courtyard at night, there are six patrolling enemies. Watch their patrol routes, and knock them out one at a time. Stealth kills from cover are your safest bets, as you’ll pull enemies out from their main patrol routes and behind cover where they won’t be easily spotted by other enemies.
  3. Take out five out of the six with stealth, and you’ll unlock the trophy. Don’t defeat them all if you broke the streak, otherwise you’ll reach the next checkpoint and need to start over the chapter. Save before attempting this combat trophy.

Riot Rocker (Bronze) – Defeat 5 Riot Shield enemies by running over their shield.

  1. Riot Shield enemies are tough, but you may notice that if Drake shoots them enough in the shield, the enemy will topple over for a few seconds.
  2. While toppled over, run towards the enemy and attack with hand-to-hand to instantly defeat them.
  3. A good place to get all five is right at the beginning of Chapter 15, where an enemy with a shield will appear near the very beginning. Shoot him until he topples, charge, attack, then restart the checkpoint and repeat.

Brute Beater (Bronze) – Successfully counter all of a Brute’s damage-giving attacks.

  1. The first fight doesn’t count. To counter a Brute, you just have to be fast with the [Triangle] button in a fight.
  2. If you’re not very goot at hand-to-hand combat, a Brute appears while climbing the tower in Chapter 8. Reload the checkpoint to give yourself a few quick tries.
  3. Remember, you’ll also need to escape his grapples and defeat him solely with hand-to-hand combat.
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