Uncharted 3 Chapter Trophies Guide

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Posted on November 3, 2011, GameFront Staff Uncharted 3 Chapter Trophies Guide

There are plenty of treasures for Nathan Drake to discover, but you won’t survive that long without our text and video walkthrough. So, you’ve completed Uncharted 3, found all the treasures, and played some multiplayer and co-op. What’s left? Unlock these uniquely hidden chapter-specific trophies, of course. Scroll down to see what trophies are available, where they’re available, and how to unlock them.

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Chapter Trophies Guide

Quick Study (Bronze) – Chapter 2

  • Study 15 of the 22 display cases in the museum. This one is simple, just check out every display case — don’t examine the case with Sir Francis Drake’s artifacts, which is in the center of the second floor room.

Ride the Crocodile (Bronze) – Chapter 5

  • Once you reach the secret library and fight some suit-wearing enemies, stop and explore the library. Take the stairs to the second floor, and circle around to the end of the path.
  • Look over the railings, eventually you should spot a stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling. Jump the railing and stand on the crocodile to unlock this trophy.

He’s Gonne Need a Sturgeon (Bronze) – Chapter 10

  • Early on in Chapter 10, Drake will spot one of his enemies. Trailing him leads to a fight in a marketplace against thugs in suits.
  • Search the marketplace for fish stand. Pressing [Square] while standing near the fish stand will allow Drake to knock out a guard with a fish. Hit three enemies with fish to unlock this trophy.

Marco Solo (Bronze) – Chapter 14

  • While pursuing Sully on the pirate-controlled cruise ship, after defeating some enemies near the shipping containers, and just before entering the ship’s interior, you’ll find a swimming pool.
  • The swimming pool’s water is sloshing around due to the storm. Just jump into the pool to unlock the trophy.

Truck Brawler (Bronze) – Chapter 20

  • During the caravan chase sequence, you’ll need to defeat ten enemies in hand-to-hand combat. This is hard to unlock while playing on the harder difficulties. If you’re having trouble unlocking this one (Or any of the combat trophies!) consider changing the difficulty to Easy.
  • Chase the trucks on horseback, leap onto the trucks, and take out the soldiers. Fist fighting or instant kills will work.
  • You are allowed to shoot the gun-trucks and motorcycles, those don’t count against you for the trophy. If you want to easily complete the challenge, just knock out the first enemy and kill yourself to load the checkpoint, then repeat.
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