Uncharted 3 Combat Trophies Guide

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Posted on November 3, 2011, GameFront Staff Uncharted 3 Combat Trophies Guide

Nathan Drake isn’t just about finding treasure, he’s also about escaping insanely dangerous situations — the same situations Game Front’s adventure-ologists will save you from with our text and video walkthrough for Uncharted 3. During the many battles, you can unlock a series of tricky trophies that require some real precision and patience. We’ll help you find the path of least resistance.

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Combat Trophies Guide

Survivor (Silver) – Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying.

  1. This is tricky, but doable. Play on Easy difficulty, take your time, and be very watchful for grenades, rockets, and climbing sections.
  2. The fastest way to unlock this trophy is by playing through Chapter 12-15 — you’ll fight tons of enemies in these chapters. Stay alive and you’ll clear 75 by Chapter 14.

Combat Leapfrog (Silver) – Defeat ten enemies in a row, alternating hand-to-hand combat and gunplay.

  1. Near the end of Chapter 6, Drake will split up with Sully. You’ll fight a few waves of enemies alone, make sure to save here. There are plenty of enemies here, enough to unlock the trophy.
  2. Start by taking out your first enemy in hand-to-hand, then shoot another enemy. Repeat the process, alternating between hand-to-hand and shooting with any gun. Just load up your save if you screw up.
  3. Any enemies killed by your partner don’t count towards the trophy, so don’t worry about the AI partner.

100 Headshots (Silver) – Defeat 100 enemies with headshots.

  1. You’ll unlock this trophy naturally while playing the game. Headshots are instant kills, making them required if you plan on playing on Crushing difficulty.
  2. If you didn’t unlock this trophy the first time through the campaign, play on Crushing, or just play through the campaign again if you’re feeling patient.

Headshot Expert (Bronze) – Defeat 5 enemies in a row with headshots.

  1. This one is tricky, it’s recommended you play on Easy to unlock this trophy. When you first encounter enemies in Chapter 8, that’ll be a good chance to get those headshots. Use a pistol and aim for the head, just wait for the enemies to stop moving and stand still.

Side Arm Master (Bronze) – Defeat 30 enemies in a row with your side arm.

  1. Although you need to kill 30 enemies in a row, dying will not reset your streak. Use a pistol, or any side arm like the machine-pistol, and kill some enemies.
  2. When you’re low on ammo for your side arm, kill yourself or let the enemies kill you. Reload and do it over again. Just make sure you don’t kill enemies with your primary weapon or hand-to-hand.

Reload Master (Silver) – Defeat 50 enemies in a row without auto-reloading.

  1. A simple one that you’ll probably miss without explicitly going for it. Stick with primary weapons and make sure to reload after firing a few shots.
  2. You just need to make sure you never use every bullet in a magazine, forcing Drake to reload. As long as you manually reload, you’ll be okay. Dying will not reset your streak.

Rolling Ammo Master (Silver) – 20 times in a row, pick up ammo while rolling.

  1. This one is simple, you just need to clear out a large area where weapons have been dropped far away from cover. If you roll into cover, your streak will be broken.
  2. To complete this trophy, just find a weapon on the ground anywhere and roll over it. Collect the weapon as you roll by pressing [Triangle]. Drake will switch weapons. Now, just roll back over the previous weapon, collect it while rolling, and continue repeating the process.
  3. After 20 rolls, you’ll unlock the trophy.

Blindfire Marksman (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies by blind-firing while in cover.

  1. Just shoot 20 enemies from cover without aiming. The shotgun, any automatic primary weapon, or the machine-pistol are useful for unlocking this trophy.
  2. You don’t need to get 20 in a row, making this very simple. If you didn’t unlock this trophy during your first playthrough of the campaign, just play any chapter with gunplay, find cover, kill a few enemies with blindfire, then restart the checkpoint. Return to cover, kill a few enemies with blindfire, rinse, repeat.

Run-and-Gunner (Bronze) – Defeat 20 by shooting from the hip.

  1. Another simple one, no streaks involved. Find a shotgun, set your difficulty to Easy, and go nuts. Just don’t aim while running around.

Hangman (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging.

  1. Like before, no streaks here. Chapter 15 has lots of hanging and shooting possibilities. Save before entering a climbing section with enemies, shoot a few or use grenades, then reload. Your stats won’t reset.

Land Shark (Bronze) – Defeat 20 enemies while swimming.

  1. Again, no streaks, death is allowed, this trophy is accumulative. Chapters 12 and 13 have arenas filled with water, giving you a chance to shoot from the water. Try playing on Easy difficulty to avoid dying too often.
  2. The easiest way to unlock the trophy is by finding a large watery arena, saving, killing a few enemies, then reloading and repeating.
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