Uncharted 3 Review Roundup: Surprise, Everyone Likes It!

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Posted on October 24, 2011, Phil Owen Uncharted 3 Review Roundup: Surprise, Everyone Likes It!

The reviews are in on Uncharted 3 (except for ours, for whatever reason), and as you might have guessed there are superlatives being thrown around everywhere. Let’s take a look around the web, shall we?

IGN — 10 out of 10

From start to finish, single player to multiplayer, this game sings. The characters, the graphics, the sound, the story – they’re all top notch. If you’re willing to skip Uncharted 3, be prepared to miss one of gaming’s finest moments.

Giant Bomb — 5 stars

The only thing that might surprise you about Uncharted 3′s relentless roller coaster ride is that it doesn’t advance the standards for video game action like its groundbreaking, mind-blowing, superlative-generating predecessor did. But it certainly does match them. There’s a slight sense of “been there, done that” in the way this game hews so closely to Uncharted 2′s masterful blend of puzzle-solving, parkour, and dizzying action scenes.

Game Informer — 9.5 out of 10

Around the edges of Uncharted 3, there’s the vague sense that things are a bit too pat, that it’s all beginning to feel a little formulaic. You could draw comparisons to Call of Duty, another series that relies heavily on high production values and popcorn-movie bombast. However, Uncharted 3 still affects me, not only because it’s such sublime fun, but because it’s telling the tale of characters I have a real affection for.

CVG — 9.5 out of 10

All of which makes this a big step on from Uncharted 2 in terms of visuals, gameplay and performance – but its biggest achievement is that, barring minor lapses, the threads are brought together into a superbly cohesive whole.

The Telegraph — 4.5 stars

Naughty Dog have rediscovered an art that seemed lost with those Hollywood adventures. Conjuring a Spielberg-esque bounce and flow, sweeping you along for the ride and, in Nathan Drake, offering a hero that’s neither emo, arrogant or Shia LeBeouf. Just cocky, vulnerable and a bit handy at climbing around and kicking people in the head.

Joystiq — 4.5 stars

Moment to moment, it outshines just about every other game on the market, and while it doesn’t exactly break the action-adventure mold, it fills it with such practiced substance that you don’t really mind the familiarity of its shape.

Eurogamer — 8 out of 10

It is a majestic tribute to cinema, a movie game in the literal sense, and your enjoyment will be in precise step with your appreciation of that objective – and whether or not you believe it to be Drake’s great deception, or Drake’s great delight.

And that is that. I guess you’re going to pick this one up?

Chart a course for victory — with Game Front’s text and video walkthrough of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

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