Uncharted 3 Treasure Locations

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Posted on November 1, 2011, GameFront Staff Uncharted 3 Treasure Locations

Nathan Drake is known for his treasure hunting prowess, especially in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to find all 100 treasures hidden through the game easily. Drop the metal detector, because the helpful adventurers at Game Front are here to provide a complete list of every treasure available in Uncharted 3 and where to find them. Scroll down for the scoop.

If you need help just surviving as perilous journey as Nathan Drake fights against practically insurmountable odds, join our text and video walkthrough. For more extra info on Uncharted 3, check out the cheats page.

Treasure Locations

Chapter 1 – 2 Treasures

  1. Find your first treasure next to the lit up bar game in the corner.
  2. The next is behind the bar, near the tap.

Chapter 2 – 7 Treasures

  1. Entering a display room with four cannons along the right side, look in the barrel of the third cannon starting from the entrance to find a treasure.
  2. The next treasure is on the floor in a dark room, ahead and to the right just as you pass some tourists.
  3. Out on the streets, you’ll pass a blue car. Look under the archways right of the car, on the ground near the first door of the building.
  4. Entering the market, look right for a three-tiered display covered in jars with red caps. There’s a treasure on the forward-facing side.
  5. Continue out of the market by turning left. Stay on the left side of the street and look for a blue painted wall where a set of stairs leads up towards a door, you’ll find another treasure inside this alcove.
  6. Climbing a building, a pipe will break and Drake will need to swing over to a balcony. Jump up onto the balcony and walk to a planter, and take the treasure inside.
  7. Still climbing, you’ll reach a tiled roof and jump onto a hotel sign. Climb up the sign instead of down to find a treasure at the top.

Chapter 3 – 3 Treasures

  1. Running across a tiled floor, you’ll climb down a pipe and reach a balcony. Climb onto the balcony and immediately look left for a treasure near a wooden bench.
  2. Ahead, enter through the double doors and turn to study the bulky diving suit, that’s where you’ll find the next treasure.
  3. From the diving suit, turn around and look for a blue pedestal right of the ship’s wheel, near one of the green painted doors. Next to the blue pedestal is a treasure.

Chapter 4 – 6 Treasures + Strange Relic

  1. After talking to Sully, run through the alley, jump the metal barrier and turn right. In the corner with the trash bags, you’ll find a treasure.
  2. Climbing and entering a building through the window, jump to some white piping along the wall, dropping down to another layer of piping below. Don’t drop to the ground floor just yet, use the pipes to shimmy over to a platform, climb up, and grab the treasure against the back wall.
  3. Drop down to the ground floor of the warehouse and look for a corner stacked with boxes. Climb the boxes nearly to the top to find a treasure.
  4. In the turbine room, look near the turbine opposite the ladder leading up to the tunnel where enemies attack from.
  5. Strange Relic: Reaching a huge grimy pipe leading down, jump to the yellow hand-holds, but instead of climbing down, climb up at the first chance you get. The yellow holds will take you to a metal grating, with a treasure in the sill.
  6. Climbing down the tube, you can spot this treasure inside another grating sill easily, just jump to and grab it before continuing down.
  7. At the top of the yellow ladder you just dislodged, look for a series of handholds between two pipes, just above a lit yellow-orange cabinet. Climb up and stick to the left side to find the treasure near the left-most of the barrier pipes.

Chapter 5 – 4 Treasures

  1. Climb the banister below the mounted elephant head, and jump up to a hand-hold on the archway. You’ll be able to reach a treasure from this location.
  2. This one requires a detour. Reaching a chamber, fight through the enemies and run through the door to enter a hallway with a blown-out wall at the end. Instead of reaching the wall, turn right just as you enter and run up the stairs. Follow the second floor, first making a right turn, then a left, then another left. Check underneath the second desk to find the treasure on the floor.
  3. In the old subway station, look above a parked subway car towards the statue relief and clock. On the left side, you’ll see a glowing treasure. Shoot it to knock it down, then climb the subway car to grab it.
  4. Still running through the abondoned subway, you’ll enter a terminal with a stopped red car. Just as you pass the red train car, jump down onto the tracks and grab the treasure.

Chapter 6 – 9 Treasures

  1. Jumping down into the wooded area, look for a stream of water. Follow it into a cave to grab the treasure inside.
  2. Reaching a larger stream with some ancient ruins, turn around and search for a path leading up towards a cliff overlooking the water. At the top, behind the stone wall, is a treasure.
  3. Climbing the walls of the old house, you’ll reach a large opening in the turret. Instead of climbing in, keep following the handholds right and then climb up to a window. Jump in and grab the treasure before jumping down through the floor and continuing on your way.
  4. After looking out a large window and speaking with Sully, turn around and face the remaining grand staircase leading up to the third floor. Instead of running up, follow the balcony along the right side to a dead end, where you’ll find the treasure.
  5. Inside the large hall, Sully will wait underneath a shattered circular window with a boarded up set of double doors beneath. Look left of the circular window for the shine of a treasure. Shoot it down to grab it.
  6. Just as Drake jumps down into a cave, follow the right wall to find a treasure behind a stalagmite.
  7. Leaping down into an outdoor courtyard with a military crate in the center, check the back left corner of yard, from the perspective you entered. The corner is covered in a light gray rocks with moss, setting it apart. This is right after you find your first grenades.
  8. Instead of climbing down, you’ll need to climb up here. In another ruined room with Sully, use the hand-holds to climb up to the rotten wooden floor above, then cross a beam to reach a landing where the treasure is sitting.
  9. In the dark chambers, look for an empty sideroom lit by two very small windows, Drake will ask for light from Sully and remark that it’s an alchemist lab. Look on the roof next to the door and shoot down the treasure to take it.

Chapter 7 – 1 Treasure

  1. Reaching a tilted bit of rotten floor, instead of following Sully up, turn around and jump across to where the floor used to lead to before it collapsed. Just ahead of the entrance, you’ll find the treasure on the ground where some floorboards are missing, but to the right of the actual pit.

Chapter 8 – 7 Treasures

  1. Running along the bridge towards the keep, you’ll spot a section cordoned off due to some wear. Jump over the barriers and climb down, jumping to hold onto the archway. Jump to a handhold to your right before dropping down to the base of another arch, where the treasure is sitting in plain site.
  2. Entering the castle through the drawbridge. Look on the right wall, right in the corner between the two lit archway doors on the rightmost. Shoot down the treasure and grab it.
  3. For the next treasure, enter the nearest lit archway door, through the open metal cage door and turn right to see a lit stone relief.
  4. Inside a chamber flooded with water, climb the wooden construction pallets up to a partially fallen wall. Climb through the fallen wall and run down the hall to a deadend, the treasure is in a room at the end.
  5. Back outside in the castle courtyard, turn around and look up above the doorway you just exited from. Stuck on the stone in one of the corners is a treasure. Shoot it down and scoop it up.
  6. Just as you meet up with the gang again, follow the right path instead of continuing left. You’ll reach a treasure just as you near one of the windows.
  7. Entering another enormous courtyard, run towards a circular hole in the ruins, lit by a bright yellow light over the stone entrance. Turn right just as you enter to find the treasure in the corner, on the ground.

Chapter 9 – 3 Treasures

  1. Running into the large circular chamber, follow the left wall around to about midway of the radius to find the treasure between two stone reliefs.
  2. After opening the damn, jump in the water and look up and right for the first set of wooden scaffolding on the roof.
  3. Entering a spiral staircase, at the top you can pick up a torch on the left wall. Continue to follow the left wall to a sarcophagus that’s fallen out of its slot in the wall. The treasure is near this coffin.

Chapter 10 – 7 Treasures

  1. Follow the alleyway steps down to a fruit stand to your left. Step around the stone stairs and search the corner left of the stand.
  2. Stick with the gang as they continue down stairs into a larger market. Before taking the last set of stairs into the market, turn around to find a water fountain. The treasure is behind some plants to the right of the water.
  3. Now going up stairs with Sully, you’ll pass more store fronts. Keep your eyes left to spot the shiny treasure just past the stores.
  4. Entering the posh building and taking the stairs up, turn left instead of continuing forward deeper inside by turning right. In a corner near some red couches, you’ll find the treasure.
  5. Back outside, running by two more store fronts after fighting more suited men in the marketplace, keep your eyes right to find a small alcove with the treasure before following the path blocked by a blue painted metal fence.
  6. Continue down the path towards Sully, lined with the blue painted metal fence, and down the stairs. Instead of entering the covered path, enter the tiny courtyard to your right just as you reach the bottom of the steps. You’ll find the treasure near the open store front.
  7. Before leaving the courtyard, look up for a landing above you. Jump up and look behind the small wooden boxes for another treasure.

Chapter 11 – 9 Treasures

  1. Climbing down the well, you’ll reach a partially destroyed circular hand-hold before dropping down to the floor below. Instead of jumping down, circle around the grated hand-hold around the opposite side.
  2. Just as you enter the hallway leading deep into the large room with three doors and two massive statues, turn left to find a treasure in a corner next to the entry door.
  3. Entering the left puzzle room full of gears, climb the staircase and jump down into the sand. Behind the pillar looking over the steps, you’ll find a treasure.
  4. Inside the right puzzle room full of statue body parts, look below and to your left. Just off the steps, you’ll find the treasure in the corner.
  5. The next one is tricky. Grab the lamp in the center of the room, and shine the light on the bats on the ceiling. The treasure will drop down on the floor where you can take it.
  6. Out of the well and leaving the building, turn right just as you leave and take the steps down into an archway. The treasure is down the short tunnel.
  7. Head back up the steps and turn right. Look near the building along the right side of the courtyard, under the shade. The treasure is on the bench near a blue door.
  8. Yet another treasure is on the left side of the courtyard, again under the shade, on the ground.
  9. Chasing your opponent into the crowd, don’t rush into the crowd just yet. As you burst through the doors, turn right and run into a small area with a wooden floor, covered with a few boxes. The treasure is on the ground, in the inner corner.

Chapter 12 – 7 Treasures

  1. After beating up the pirates, jump onto the yellow ladder and climb it. Standing on the blue shipping crate, turn right and onto the yellow containers, jumping over the gap to reach an empty platform of containers. In the far corner of the room, you’ll find the treasure.
  2. When Drake gets back his gear, continue down the hallway as you turn right, then make another right into a small empty room full of crates with the treasure on the ground.
  3. Up top of the ship, after fighting the many enemies in a large arena guarded by two machine gun turrets, run to the turret on a boat up against more wreckage, backed up into the corner of the arena. Leap to a platform above the turret and follow the path, you’ll have to make two jumps before reaching the next treasure.
  4. While using the destroyed underside of the boat to jump from hand hold to hand hold, you’ll reach a platform. Before continuing up, follow the gray metal supports around to a treasure sitting in plain view on one of the beams.
  5. Moving up the wrecked boat, you’ll reach a yellow rope that’ll help Drake run along the wall to his next hand hold. Instead of jumping, stop running back and forth, and instead climb up to a window. Get inside, the treasure is on the ground just to your left.
  6. Back down the yellow rope and continuing forward to the platform, instead of climbing up top circle all the way around to the opposite side while hanging off the ledge. You’ll spot it on one of the support beams holding the balcony up.
  7. Reaching the radio room, instead of sliding down the rope, look in the open room to your right to find the treasure on the floor.

Chapter 13 – 3 Treasures

  1. During the rainstorm, on the floating barges, look for a yellow shipping container that’s open on both ends. Inside you’ll see the shiny treasure.
  2. Look underneath one of the metal awnings in this same area, providing shade to a few rusty barrels. The treasure is on top of the barrels.
  3. For the last treasure of this chapter, turn right from the hand cranked bridge leading to the ship and turn right, following the path behind the cobbled together structure. Underneath the metal awning, find the treasure on the ground in front of some shelves.

Chapter 14 – 9 Treasures

  1. Arriving on the old cruise ship, run underneath the set of two life boats and turn left into an alcove before heading upstairs. The treasure is on the ground there.
  2. Drake will offer his usual “Oh crap”, but also comment that he needs to get to the upper deck. Before you climb up, run across the deck and check out the opposite side of the ship. The parallel walkway is all blocked off by junk, but the treasure is on the ground nearby.
  3. Fighting pirates on the deck covered in loose shipping containers, climb up the long yellow container with an open front blocked off by a large wooden crate. Ontop of the container, run into the dead end to find a shiny treasure.
  4. From the pool ahead, follow the left side of the deck and look near the railings to find a treasure on the ground before heading inside.
  5. After fighting the pirates in the large multi-tiered interior of the cruise ship, a door will open to the left of the entrance. From this door, you need to follow the left path, but follow the right path instead, circling you around to find a treasure.
  6. Continue forward, you’ll eventually reach an entrance leading into the cabins guarded by an enemy with his back turned. Continue on by him down the exterior walkway to find a treasure on the ground.
  7. Entering the cabin with a single guard resting against a mini-bar style area, knock the guard out and look behind the bar to find a treasure on the ground.
  8. Down the stairwell leading to the ship’s hold, don’t exit through the door at the bottom just yet. Look underneath the steps you just came down behind some tarped-up boxes to find the treasure.
  9. Just as you enter the ship’s hold, turn left and look near the crates for a treasure on the ground.

Chapter 15 – 1 Treasure

  1. Climbing up through the cabin door, jump across before using the shelves as a ladder. Inside the bathroom, you’ll find a treasure.

Chapter 16 – 3 Treasures

  1. Inside the first room, climb the stacked boxes. Climb up to the tallest stack to find a treasure ontop.
  2. In the room where Drake needs to push the car, stop and turn around, running through the narrow opening between crates. Climb up the boxes covered in a green tarp and look at the flat crate stuck in the corner for a treasure ontop.
  3. Jumping through the window into a garage with a green car, turn left and look in the corner past the car for a treasure.

Chapter 18 – 1 Treasure

  1. As Drake approaches a well and finds it empty, circle around and knock a jar resting against the well. Breaking it will reveal a treasure underneath.

Chapter 19 – 8 Treasures

  1. Arriving at the ghost town, look left of the main entrance to spot a shiny treasure laying against the decrepit wall.
  2. Climbing up the stick ladder and through the window sill, you’ll fall through the ceiling into room. Look right on the ground before leaving to grab the treasure.
  3. As Drake climbs back up out of the dry well, head inside the wreckage but stop in the room with the small set of steps. Turn around and look towards the entrance to spot the treasure on the ground.
  4. After an enemy shoots Drake’s platform apart and drops you down, shoot the bad guy and look underneath his ledge for a treasure on the ground.
  5. Fighting your way upstairs and entering a room guarded by an enemy with a laser sight, take out the enemy and search the room. Look behind the pillar left of where the laser sight guard appeared to find your next treasure.
  6. Pushing forward from the guard, you’ll fight another encounter of enemies. Instead of leaving through the narrow path, enter a small alcove to the left. The treasure is once again on the ground.
  7. Jumping off a balcony down into a sandy area overlooked by two palm trees and a path left, instead turn right and look in the corner below the balcony, in the shade, to discover a treasure.
  8. Inside the arena where Drake needs to blow open the wooden fence, instead follow a path to the right of the fence, into a small room where the treasure is laying on the ground, ready to be taken.

Chapter 21 – 8 Treasures

  1. Out of the sandstorm and inside the grand entrance to the ancient city, you’ll find an easy treasure on a mound of sand just to your left.
  2. Up the stairs, climb the ladder to your right. At the top you’ll be standing on a tall platform, with an unreachable platform below and to your right. Jump down to the platform below, the treasure is hidden beneath a beam.
  3. Climb back up the ladder and jump to the hanging brazier. Shimmy all the way around to find the treasure.
  4. Entering the ancient city, you’ll need to take the right steps down. Take the left steps instead, leading to a dead end with the treasure.
  5. Heading down the steps, stop and look for a hole in the railing along the left side as you continue down and around one of the buildings. Part of the way down, before entering the building with the fountain, stop and jump through the space left by a hole in the railings and window.
  6. Inside the arena where you first face the possessed soldiers, jump down and enter the building with the grand staircase. Heading up the steps, follow the left path to find a treasure against the wall.
  7. As Drake freaks out and wakes up from his nightmare, turn right and search the area just beyond the arches, but before you head down the steps.
  8. After solving the mirror pool puzzle, Drake will wake up again surrounded by ancient corpses. Run down the hallway ahead, looking at the left wall. Behind the second statue, you’ll find your treasure.

Chapter 22 – 2 Treasures

  1. At the beginning of Chapter 22, just as the title appears, turn around and look underneath the steps you just took down.
  2. After meeting up with Sully, you’ll run down a hallway with stairs to your left and a dead end landing to your right. Explore the landing, and look in the blocked off doorway to find your last treasure.
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