Uncharted on 360? Not a Chance

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Posted on November 19, 2007, Jonathan Uncharted on 360? Not a Chance


Rumors on the internet just never seem to die, even though a lot of them should quite easily. Somehow, some gamers seem to grasp onto one tiny thing that a developer said at one point and blow it up all over the internet into “OMG! [Game] being ported to teh PS3/360! OMG! OMG!” That’s why PS3 owners are still begging for BioShock on their system and why, recently, Xbox 360 owners have been saying Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune might be coming to the Xbox 360. Recently, Ripten posted an article explaining how the rumors began when Evan Wells, co-president for Naughty Dog, was asked about the hypothetical implications of a port in an interview. The article then makes a lot of good points on why the technological differences between the two systems could make a port difficult, but doesn’t highlight one very important point, so I will: Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. It’s mentioned as a little side note at the end, but it seems to me like that bit of information would render all technological discussion moot. I actually interviewed a producer with Sony, Sam Thompson, at PAX this past summer. Here’s the relevant part of that discussion:

GT: Is that high-level of animation the reason you went with the PS3 as the system for the game?

[Thompson]:Well, to be honest with you, Naughty Dog is wholly owned by Sony, so the only games that would come out from Naughty Dog would be for the Playstation 3.

So there you have it. Naughty Dog is currently only developing games for the PS3, because they’re now a subsidiary of Sony and have been since 2001 (according to their Wikipedia page). Even if they wanted to, even if there were no technology issues, it wouldn’t matter; they’re owned by Sony, and they’re only making games for Sony’s system. Deal with it, people.

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