Unconfirmed Viva Pinata DS Subtitle: Pocket Paradise

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Posted on April 22, 2008, Chris Unconfirmed Viva Pinata DS Subtitle: Pocket Paradise


Never one to let a chance at innuendo go by, Rare has reportedly come up with a subtitle for their upcoming DS game, Viva PinataPocket Paradise. (If you don’t get it.. then just enjoy it for what it is, I guess.) The BBFC revealed this on their website, so this isn’t an official announcement of any sort, but I also doubt that the BBFC just pulled this out of nowhere.

The other news that the BBFC revealed was that THQ will be publishing the game. So if you were hoping you’d see Microsoft’s name on the front of a DS box, I’m afraid that won’t be happening.

At least there’s always Photoshop.

via DS Fanboy

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