Undead Labs Announces Open World Zombie Title Class 3, and Teases MMO-like Sequel

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Posted on February 3, 2011, Ron Whitaker Undead Labs Announces Open World Zombie Title Class 3, and Teases MMO-like Sequel

Back in late 2009, a little company called Undead Labs was formed by ArenaNet co-founder Jeff Strain. Their intention at the time was to create what they described as, “the definitive massively multiplayer online zombie game (MMOZ) for console gamers.” That game’s now been announced.

Class 3, the codename for the game currently in the works, is an XBLA “open world zombie survival game.” Some people will scoff at a title for XBLA, but Strain says it’s just the beginning.

We plan to create an ambitious open world XBLA game and use its gameplay, setting, and technology as the foundation for a full online world game

That full online world game is being referred to as “Class 4.” Says Strain,

We’re going place a marker along the path, and release this game we’re calling Class3, that has all of the fundamental points in terms of the way you interact with the world, the way your character progresses, the way you establish outposts, the way define your goals in the game, the way you fight zombies and the way they fight you — the minute by minute core of the game will all be there in Class3. The only thing it won’t have is the massive player participation the sequel will have.

Class 4 is still a ways off, and Undead Labs is still plotting ways to monetize the game, since subscription fees on XBLA are not possible. Still, it should be very interesting to see where this project goes, especially considering Microsoft’s well-known aversion to MMO-type titles on its console.

[Via Joystiq

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