Underhell — Half-Life 2 mod

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Posted on March 9, 2011, CJ Miozzi Underhell — Half-Life 2 mod

In development since 2005, Underhell is a Half-Life 2 survival horror mod with an episodic release schedule. You take on the role of SWAT operative Jake Hawkfield, a recently married man who just bought a house with his beloved wife–so you know something terrible is going to happen to her.

Sure enough, Jake’s wife dies under mysterious circumstances, with clues pointing towards suicide. Jake has a breakdown, and his best friend/mentor/boss Frank helps him through his grief.

That’s the back story. The game begins with Frank calling Jake down to the station–a group of elite soldiers (ex-soldiers, presumably) have seized a hospital and are holding the personnel hostage. But Jake will soon realize that this is no ordinary hostage situation…

The original idea behind Underhell consisted of having a few human players go up against over 40 bots armed with knives. At the time–2005–Left 4 Dead had yet to be born, and this was the best way to recreate the cooperative zombie survival experience. From that idea, a storyline emerged, inspired by Asian horror films like The Grudge (JU-ON) and The Ring, and the game shifted to a singleplayer experience.

Similar to F.E.A.R., Underhell features a female that haunts the main character, but this mod’s development predates F.E.A.R., likely drawing upon the same sources of inspiration.

Watch the trailer for the Prologue:

Download Underhell now, or read more over at the mod’s official website.

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