E3 2007: Undertow – Concept Art and Screens

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Posted on July 10, 2007, Stephany E3 2007: Undertow – Concept Art and Screens


Created by Chair Entertainment for Xbox Live Arcade, Undertow features a 15 level campaign for single-player or co-op and two multiplayer modes for up to 16 players. The game has maps with level-specific goals, but your main objective in Undertow is to kill as many of your enemies as possible – and to keep yourself from getting killed.

Players can select from three different unit types and races, “Iron Marine”, “Nemoidian”, or “Atlantian”. Each of the three features four unique, upgradeable unit types ranging in ability from the fast and agile to the large and powerful. Unlockable and purchasable unit upgrades become available as they acquire points and each unit type has three levels of permanent upgrades. During battles, players obtain points by killing enemies, accomplishing team goals, and taking check points. Points and a variety of power-ups can be used to further upgrade unit abilities.

Gamers have been teased about this title since earlier this year when Creative Director, Donald Mustard was quoted as saying, “We’ve really enjoyed designing Undertow for Xbox LIVE Arcade because it’s given us the freedom to create a pure gaming experience focused on fun, addictive game play. Whether a player is looking for hours of intense multiplayer or they have just 10 minutes for the ultimate gaming experience, we’re confident Undertow will be as exciting to play as it has been for us to create.”

Sounds like loads of fragging fun for XBL players, and because we have been waiting so long to hear more about this title I will stave off the continuing frustration and post some concept art and screens below.


More Screens and Teaser Trailers


More Concept Art

Storyline follows after the jump.

Story Synopsis

“An aquatic alien race secretly launches a devastating attack on Earth which melts the polar ice caps. Water covers the planet. Humanity is all but wiped out by this onslaught, but some of the remaining humans band together to take the planet back from the brink of chaos. Using existing technology, the Iron Marines take to the seas as they struggle to survive in this wet new world.

For over one hundred years, Captain Nemo and his followers have been living peacefully and quietly at the bottom of the ocean, sharing an uneasy truce with the highest officials in the British and American governments. In their secret utopia the Nemoidians have isolated themselves from the world and lived in peace â$” until now. Nemo is enraged at the disturbance to his oceans.

As the ice caps melted, the ancient city of Atlantis began to thaw. Trapped by the last ice age, this mighty civilization disappeared at the height of its power. Now free, the Atlantians will stop at nothing to reclaim the planet they once owned.

Having escaped from their cruel overlords, the fanatic Elect put their hope in the Ark â$” a massive city-sized space craft that could deliver their dying race to a new world. The fuel supply of the Ark had been nearly depleted when the aliens finally discovered Earth, a planet perfect for transformation into a new, oceanic home for the aliens.”

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