Undertow Team Offers "Top 10 Tips" On Dominating The Game

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Posted on November 27, 2007, William Undertow Team Offers "Top 10 Tips" On Dominating The Game


Undertow has been the #1 Xbox Live Arcade title since it’s release on Thanksgiving. The development team at Chair Entertainment Group was kind enough to send us a list of tips on how to dominate the game. I haven’t had the opportunity to play the full game yet, but the demo was enough to sell me on the title. I am often upset after checking out an XBLA title that doesn’t meet my expectations, but this one definitely seems to be unique and interesting. If you are looking for a 16-player underwater action-shooter game on the arcade, this is it.

1 – If you are playing with a buddy online, try to coordinate what units you are. One killer combo is the Destroyer and the Dragoon. The Dragoon can hide inside the Destroyer, protecting it from nearby enemies and shooting down enemy torpedoes, allowing the Destroyer time to bombard the enemy with its huge explosions.

2 – Low on health? Take cover and wait for your health to regenerate.

3 – When trying to take an occupied enemy Control Point, swoop in with a fast unit type like the Corsair or the Marine and drop all your depth charges on the enemy. When they die you will have enough time to neutralize the Control Point so the enemy can’t spawn there anymore, allowing you to quickly take it.

4 – The Corsair, while not as strong as the Dragoon or the Destroyer, has an incredible rate of fire at a long (and relatively safe) distance. Try to find pinched-off areas where the enemy will bottleneck their forces, keep a steady rate of fire on that section, and watch the kills roll in. Even hitting the wall next to an enemy can be effective – Corsairs and Destroyers do a lot of splash damage!

5 – Remember that Undertow doesn’t happen in space — gravity is still a factor. There are serious advantages to having the high-ground in a face off.

6 – You can’t shoot while using Turbo (X button), but you can use depth charges. Zipping by a pack of enemies for a bombing run is a good way to get some kills. You can hold up to five depth charges!

7 – Control Points don’t have to be yours to get a shutout. Sometimes taking a Control Point to neutral can be advantageous if one is simply trying to deny opponents from spawning. Taking all the Control Points to neutral, and then killing all your enemies (before they can get another Control Point of course), is a quick way to win a match.

8 – Use cover. There are areas the two smaller units (Marine and Dragoon) can hide from view. This is a great way to take enemies off guard. Hide in tall grass, behind pillars, buildings, or in clumps of rock and debris.

9 – The five circles at the top represent the Control Points, and they’re laid out from left to right according to where they are located in the map. You can see their timers counting down when you’re taking a Control Point. The more team members you have taking a Control Point, the faster you’ll take it!

10 – Upgrades are immediate – making you faster and more powerful! It also fills your health bar. Remember that during battle! If it’s late in a match and you’re getting owned, remember to check your points. If you have points – use them! Press the Y-Button to enter the upgrade menu, select the unit you want, and then press the A-Button to upgrade.

BONUS – Communicate! When playing multiplayer, put on your headset and talk to your teammates. The best way to decimate your opponents is to communicate your strategies!

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We’d like to thank Chair Entertainment for sending this list our way!

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