Universe at War: Earth Assault Arrives for the Xbox 360

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Posted on March 28, 2008, Stephany Universe at War: Earth Assault Arrives for the Xbox 360

universe at war earth assault

SEGA have announced that Universe at War: Earth Assault for the Xbox 360 is now available in North America retail stores. Universe at War: Earth Assault supports Microsoft’s Games for Windows – LIVE initiative and allows cross-platform play between Windows-based PC and Xbox 360 and in an effort to even the playing field, cross-platform play will be made available via free download in early April 2008.

Universe at War: Earth Assault
is set in the near-future, when Earth has become a battleground for three different alien factions: the Hierarchy and their massive war machines called “Walkers;” the Novus with their swarms of robots and nanotechnology; and the Masari, ancient astronauts who awaken from centuries of slumber below the world’s oceans to turn the conflict into a three-way war.

The control scheme in Universe at War: Earth Assault for Xbox 360 has been designed to streamline every possible function in an RTS for use with a console controller. The game features a quick “snap-to” function that allows players to access adjacent units and points of conflict very quickly with the D-pad. Another control feature is the “paint brush” function, which allows the selection of multiple units. This function also allows players to quickly assign control groups. The game also employs a balance system called “Tactical Dynamics.” This groundbreaking feature allows players to retrain and customize units in the midst of battle to better cope with enemy forces and tactical situations. Weaponry and defenses can even be modified in real-time, allowing players to take advantage of constantly shifting battlefield conditions. Fully customizable tech trees allow players to control the development of technologies that they deem key to victory. With super-weapons and alien powers, players can destroy large-scale cities and whole territories in one move.

For more information Universe at War: Earth Assault check out our FileFront page and the official website.

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