Unofficial: Rock Band Ad & 2 New Songs

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Posted on October 13, 2007, Steve Unofficial: Rock Band Ad & 2 New Songs

While browsing the Rock Band forums lately, I found two news worthy items of note (well, mostly):

The above trailer can be found over at Amazon showcasing Rock Band in a more casual environment. I wouldn’t call the trailer an official Rock Band trailer, but you never know. As the page suggest, the theme is that of “Amateur”, and the video certainly carries that theme well. Dressed for the occasion? All I know is that I’m tired of hearing “Suffragette City”. I think I’ve heard the song so much lately that by the time Rock Band rolls around next month, I’m going to be grinding my teeth just pushing through the song. Hopefully, Harmonix will be bringing on some real trailers showcasing some of the songs we’ve yet to see & hear.

Which brings us to the other bit of unofficial news: According to this thread, two new rumored Rock Band tracks could potentially be “Next To You” by The Police & “Foreplay/Long Time” by Boston. Of course, the source of this information is some guy up in Canada who claims to have walked into EB and glanced at the back of the Rock Band pre-order box where he noticed the two alleged tracks listed. Rumor or not, the thought of this particular Boston track making it into Rock Band will make many old school Rock fans ecstatic. Looking at the official song list, Rock Band certainly needs more “epic” Rock songs that break the ~4-5 minute barrier.

On a final note, I noticed Harmonix recently pulled the collection of video shorts of those “Rocking Out” at the Rock Band Tour Highlights page… well, sort of. Instead of making the videos publicly available, they are now requiring an ID# to retrieve specific ones. I’m guessing when you and your friends perform at one of these locations, they’ll give you an ID# so you can look it up later and/or share it with your friends. I kind of saw this coming, as people like me can’t help but exploit these videos of folks “Rocking Out” as a source of amusement. To be fair, the hypocrisy runs deep here. I admit that if I were up there on stage I would look equally absurd. However, I have no problem making fun of myself. I guess Harmonix finally realized others would be offended. That or they have accumulated a massive archive of video footage that has become impossible to organize. All is not lost, however, as Rock Band TV is still intact. In fact, there are a couple of new Rock Band TV videos posted covering the Chicago and Seattle stops. I guess those will do for now.

And if you are starving for something “official”, check out the Rock Band ‘Venues’ Trailer released a few days ago. Kind of cool that Rock Band will be virtualizing some real world rock band hideouts.

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