Unreal Tournament 3 Has a Respectable December on PS3

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Posted on January 22, 2008, Chris Unreal Tournament 3 Has a Respectable December on PS3


Last month, we found out that Unreal Tournament 3 (on PC, along with Crysis) was selling quite poorly in the early going. And by poorly, I mean it barely made it over the 30,000 units sold mark – whether that’s due to a bloated market, piracy or something else altogether, we can’t know for sure. Mark Rein takes offense to the claim that UT3 isn’t doing well, stating:

It is amazing how people can look at two weeks of sales (in our case) in one single territory in the busiest Xmas sales season the industry has ever seen and come to the conclusion these titles are doing “badly”. I don’t think either title is doing so badly … This isn’t the fastest selling UT title ever but it’s doing pretty well and we’re going to support it with some pretty cool things to help it keep selling over time.

I don’t think anyone could make a similar claim about UT3 on PlayStation 3, which – despite being released on December 11 with very little notice – sold 113,000 copies, which is just under the mark hit by Uncharted in November (117,000) and quite a lot more than Ratchet sold in October (74,500).

It’ll be interesting to see how Epic proceeds from here in regards to how they treat the PS3 version versus the PC version. If sales are clearly better on PS3, who’s to say that Epic wouldn’t suddenly pay more attention to the console versions?

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