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Posted on October 21, 2007, Steve Unreal Tournament 3 Tweak Guide

UT3 Tweak GuideKoroush Ghazi is on a roll again with yet another addition to his ubiquitous Tweak Guides website. This latest addition covers tweaks for the newly released Unreal Tournament III Beta Demo. If you haven’t already noticed, the UT3 Beta Demo is a bit lacking in tweakable options via the menu (compared to its predecessors). So if you are a bit miffed about this, this guide is definitely for you.

The guide covers, in detail, all in-game options (graphical settings, gui, audio, network, etc.). In typical Tweak Guides fashion, we’re also treated to a series of screenshot comparisons of what those graphical sliders actually do. Not stopping there, Koroush continues with the meat of tweaking UT3: editing the UT3 .ini files. It is here that you will find the game’s more hidden options; often the ones that may gain you those few extra FPS otherwise not found using the menu options alone.

Koroush also lists about fifty console commands and a few command line parameters. Wondering what your framerate is? Check out the list of console commands. If you were wondering if the UT3 Beta Demo had a built in benchmark, pay close attention to the final page of the guide covering command line parameters.

If UT3 is crashing on you, follow the links early on in Koroush’s guide for hotfixes, links, & what-not. I, like many others, am experiencing crash problems of an unknown nature with UT3 Beta Demo. Fortunately, it’s not a deal breaker, but it is an annoyance. Generally, once I get into a game, I’m home free. Also keep in mind that the Demo is Beta, so it’s entirely possible there is no solution to your problem.

My favorite tweak here has got to be the “-nomoviestartup” command line option. I can’t tell you how tiresome it is to click through all that crap at the beginning. Thank you, Koroush!

And if you missed Koroush’s Orange Box Tweak Guide a few weeks ago, be sure to check it out as well.

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