Unreal Tournament III: PS3 the Definitive Version?

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Posted on August 23, 2007, Shawn Sines Unreal Tournament III: PS3 the Definitive Version?


Epic Games demonstrated Unreal Tournament III using the PlayStation 3′s new SixAxis controls at the Games Convention in Leipzig yesterday.

The Redeemer super weapon, always a crowd pleaser, is now controlled in camera mode by tilting the PS3 controller from side to side. The hoverboard is also controlled by tilting the SixAxis controller, and can execute spins and tricks with the twist of a pad. The demo went off seamlessly.

An Xbox 360 version will be out early next year but the PS3 and PC will have UT3 before Christmas. With the PS3 version keeping time side by side with the PC version at a steady 60FPS, one has to wonder which version will be the one to buy for the owners of multiple platforms.

Personally I own all three platforms. Given the outstanding frame rate and confirmation of mouse and keyboard support, I believe gamers will have good reason to buy UT3 for the PS3. I personally would have to upgrade any of my PCs to match 60FPS. The use of the SixAxis controller clinches the deal for me. Gamers who are still deciding on whether to buy a PS3 have much more motivation to do so.

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