Unturned: 3.0 Update – Online Server Admin Commands List

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Posted on January 2, 2015, GameFront Staff Unturned: 3.0 Update – Online Server Admin Commands List

Unturned Zombie Bloody Fight

Take control of your server in Unturned with new admin commands, giving you a wide range of options for kicking griefers, banning problem players, or introducing some extra challenge. Admin commands give you way more control over the randomly generated zombie apocalypse, so any would-be or current server admins need to check out the list below.

Tackle the apocalypse with friends online in Unturned, now free-to-play on Steam.

This is a Steam Early Access title, so changes will continue to roll out before the official release. If there’s a major change we need to make, drop us a comment and continue to check GameFront for additional content

Online Server Admin Commands

Type HINT into the text window to see a list of commands. When inputting player names to Kick, Ban, Unban, etc: Player names or Steam ID names can be input partially and still function corrrectly.

Note: If a commands is followed by [##] — this indicates a number. Replace all of “[##]” with a number of your choice. Some entries will feature [Player] or [Item##] — replace these entries the same way.

Commands List

To use with the in-game chat, use @ before each command.

@Admin [Player]
Grants admin abilities to a player. Now they can use the listed admin commands.

@Ban [Player]/[Comment]/[BanTime##]
Bans the player from the server. Banned players cannot rejoin until an allotted time passes. By default a ban lasts one year. Optionally, replace “[Comment]” with a message to state a reason for the ban. The “[BanTime##]” is counted in seconds.

Sets the game timer to day.

@Give [Player]/[ItemID##]/[Number of Items ##]
Gives the indicated players with a specific item. Entering in [Number of Items ##] gives the specified amount of spawned-in items.

@Kick [Player]/[Comment]
Kicks the player from the server. Kicked players can rejoin at any time. Optionally, replace “[Comment]” with a message to state a reason for the kick.

@Maxplayers [##]
Sets the max number of players allowed on the server.

Sets the game timer to night.

Saves the current server’s data.

@Say [Comment]
Send messages with the [Server] tag replacing your name in chat.

Deactivates the server and automatically saves status. All players will be kicked from the server.

@Slay [Player]
Instantly kills and automatically bans the indicated player for the default year.

@Teleport [Player]/[DestinationPlayer]
Teleports one player to another. You can also replace “[DestinationPlayer]” with a Location ID ##.

@Time [##]
Sets the time.

@Unadmin [Player]
Removes admin status from the indicated player.

@Unban [Player]
Lifts the ban, allowing the unbanned player to rejoin your server.

@Unpermit [Player]
Removes permit from indicated player.

@Vehicle [Player]/[VehicleID##]
Spawns in the indicated vehicle near the player.

@Zombie [Player]/[Zombies##]
Spawns zombie enemies near a player. Replace “[Zombies##]” with the number of zombies you want to spawn.

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