Unturned: Best Backpacks Locations Guide [Map]

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Posted on August 7, 2014, GameFront Staff Unturned: Best Backpacks Locations Guide [Map]

Load up with supplies with the best backpacks in Unturned with our quick map and spawn locations tips guide. Surviving the zombie apocalypse in a Minecraft-style world won’t be easy until you’re flush with tons of extra supplies. Don’t pass up those valuables thanks to a limited inventory. Beef up and carry more with these two rare packs.

Play with your friends in the ruins of society in Unturned, now free-to-play on Steam.

It’s still Early Access, but for those getting started in the dangerous world of brain-munching monsters, we wanted to provide a few early tips. Keep checking back at GameFront for more guides, and drop us a comment if there’s something we need to add!

Best Backpacks Locations Guide

There are two backpacks that are going to help your survivalists the most while progressing through the apocalypse. Both are useful — one carries more weight, while the other holds more inventory slots.


  • Intel: Green / 25 Slots / 5th Quickslot / 38.5 lb Weight Limit

Alice Pack:

  • Intel: Black / 20 Slots / 44 lb Weight Limit

How to Find the Best Backpacks

Like all the best gear in Unturned, you’ll need to scrounge for items in Military zones. These areas are populated with zombies in military fatigues and armor, so go in prepared to fight.

Use the in-game island map to find the best items in Unturned.

List of Military Zones:

  • O’Leary Military Base
  • Confederation Bridge Checkpoint
  • St. Peter’s Island
  • Belfast Airport
  • Burywood Checkpoint
  • Montague

If you’re low on supplies, St. Peter’s Island is one of the easiest locations to search for rare military supplies. Swim to the island from Alberton on the west side of the map to reach the helicopter crash site. Watch out for handful of zombies there.

O’Leary Military Base is one of the largest zones. Very dangerous, but if you’re having trouble getting a rare Rucksack or Alice Pack, the base is your best bet.

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