Upcoming WoW Update To Include Changes To Customer Care

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Posted on April 17, 2012, Ross Lincoln Upcoming WoW Update To Include Changes To Customer Care

The upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 4.3.4 has some big things in store for players. Among them, significant changes to their customer support interface making it easier to report problems, and submit suggestions.

First, they’ve added a ‘Report User’ feature. There’s two ways this works. First, as you can see above the main Customer Support screen provides a button. However, it’s also possible to report a problem player in real time, from the chat window, or by targeting their character.

Second, there will be a ‘Submit Bug’ feature. This is a bit more time consuming. Clicking the link from the Customer Support page will bring you to a form you’ll need to fill out. However, it’s quite easier than previous means of doing so.

Finally, they’ve added a ‘Submit Suggestion’ feature. This works similarly to submitting a bug, and requires you to fill out a form. AWWW.

There’s no detailed word on why they’ve implemented the changes, though a switch to a greater level of automatization would be the natural outcome of the recent massive layoffs, the majority of which affected customer service and other departments unrelated to development.

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