Urban Mysteries – Travel Back in Time

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Posted on May 12, 2007, Stephany Urban Mysteries – Travel Back in Time


Urban Mysteries is still being shopped around for a publisher. No word yet on who is or isn’t interested, but one thing is for sure- it may or may not be released in late 2008. Why so far off? Other than publisher woes, the game might be made into a series of episodes â$” or not. They are pretty mum on the subject as they don’t want to hype anything up (yeah right). The developer of Urban branched off from IO Interactive (Hitman), becoming Zeitguyz. They hired Morten Iverson as head script writer, thus creating a deep storyline with great atmosphere which will make use of Unreal Engine 3 and Ageia’s SDK. So be looking to pre-order this game for your PS3, 360, or PC later this year or early 2008. Once again, that magic number is 2008.

Set in an 2052 AD European city, an organization called Gloria Mundi (kind of like, Opus Dei in the DaVinnci Code, but not as evil-yet), have mastered the art of time travel and their purpose is to go back and change technology that had disastrous results on mankind. Unfortunately, like most powerful organizations, they become corrupt and your character has to follow Mundi agents back in time and stop them from wreaking havoc on the future.

There are three eras that span 10 missions: 1200, 1807, and the Viking era. Combining objects that you find on your explorations of the city, you can travel to these different eras and help change the course of history. Take for example one sequence where you come across two men in a burning building. Save one and the city becomes a technological Mecca, save the other and it becomes a tranquil Eden. Remember action and consequence from FABLE? I thought so.

Battling the bad guys should be interesting, because they are allowed to bring weapons to the past with them, but you are not. You have to find them, or make them yourself. Not fair really, but it could be interesting. There is more to the story and the game itself, along with a possible release time frame, but Zeitguyz have been hesitant to reveal more details until a publisher comes on board. Keep checking back for any new info we may receive.

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