Use Our Quiz to Choose Your Diablo 3 Class

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Posted on May 15, 2012, Ben Richardson Use Our Quiz to Choose Your Diablo 3 Class


Diablo 3 is out today! And with it comes a big decision: which character class to pick? Thankfully, Game Front’s got you covered. Use the quiz below to decide!

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

A) Help the orphans of Sanctuary by building them a gladitorial combat arena.
B) Start an awareness campaign about victims of Demonic attack in Sanctuary. With plastic wrist-bands.
C) Fund a line of phsyical fitness videos, launching a new craze: Exploding Pilates.
D) Open a tiki bar.
E) Buy a new fire-proof cloak with stars on it.

What is your idea of the perfect date?

A) Stomping your enemies into a bloody pulp, then pizza.
B) Darts.
C) Hiking and meditation.
D) Couples embalming class.
E) Magic: The Gathering tournament.

What celebrity do you idolize?

A) Arnold Schwarzenegger
B) Ted Nugent
C) Sonny Chiba
D) Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
E) Harry Potter

Which song title best describes your life?

A) Manowar – “Black Wind, Fire and Steel”
B) Duran Duran – “View to a Kill”
C) George Michael – “Faith”
D) Jimi Hendrix – “Voodoo Chile”
E) Jerry Lee Lewis – “Great Balls of Fire”

What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating on you?

A) Destroy all the furniture in the room.
B) Use his/her picture as an archery target.
C) Chastise yourself for breaking your vow of celibacy.
D) Curse him/her with pungent flatulence and excess body hair.
E) Turn him/her into a frog.

Score the Quiz!

Mostly A’s: Pick the Barbarian — you like massive weaponry and the feel of the wind on your bare legs.
Mostly B’s: Pick the Demon Hunter — you like revenge, sharp things flying through the air, and the combination of the two.
Mostly C’s: Pick the Monk — you like martial arts, quiet contemplation, and non-traditional hairstyles.
Mostly D’s: Pick the Witch Doctor — you like shrunken heads, poison, and George Romero.
Mostly E’s: Pick the Wizard — you like fire, ice, and clothing with wide sleeves.

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