Use a Vertibird as a movable home in Fallout 4

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Ever found yourself travelling the wasteland, but felt a little to far away from home? Now you can bring all your gear with you, thanks to this new mod which allows you to use a Vertibird as a mobile home, which can prove very useful indeed.

The mod does not let you actually fly the Vertibird itself, unfortunately. Instead, it works a lot like the fast travel feature, in that it can be transported to any location on the map via a menu, after which the sounds kick in and the screen fades. You can build and customise your Vertibird like any other home building, and the mod includes various blueprints already so you can drop one and get started quickly. 

While not a settlement in it's own right, the mod allows you to have your own multi-purpose workbench inside, which allows you to store items inside it safely and take them with you, or at least have them close by, during your travels. You can also weaponize the vehicle, by attaching turrets on top, useful when travelling into dangerous situations.

There's one catch, though. You will need to either craft landing pads at your settlements, or drop special beacons anywhere within the game world, in order to be able to take the Vertibird to that location. You can, however, summon the bird to you via remote control once the beacon is dropped, which is a nice feature. Additionally, you will need to scavenge for "homemade coolant" to keep the vehicle working, once it runs out, it will be unable to travel any further.

You can pick up the mod now from it's NexusMods page

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