Using the Buddy System: Fellowship Maneuvers in Lord of the Rings Online

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Posted on May 6, 2009, Shawn Sines Using the Buddy System: Fellowship Maneuvers in Lord of the Rings Online

fellowship-skill-wheelThe Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) differs from many of its MMORPG peers in that the game itself is built upon the concept of friends partying together to face the rising tide of evil. While we’ve seen this same reasoning in other Fantasy MMO games there are not any that have as well developed a system of party teamwork.

Sure, various class/race builds make more optimal parties in WoW for grinding or questing or even instances, but one area that The Lord of the Rings Online shines is in encouraging players to band together and then rewarding them with a key party cooperation system during combat.

This system, called Fellowship Maneuvers or Conjunctions, allows players to initiate group only combination attacks against powerful mobs and foes. The official LotRO website has a lengthy article up explaining how the system works and highlighting why certain powers or classes work to trigger these event altering acts and aid groups of players in overcoming normally overwhelming odds. Players can learn how the colored buttons in the Maneuver interface merge in combination to result in special results, how Fellowship Maneuver formulas are created and optimized and get some basic guidelines on when certain moves are best executed.

As a long term LotRO player I know in the heat of battle we’re often calling out the colors based on what result we need, everyone yelling Red or Green seems to be the most common but with properly applied formulas I’m confident we’ll be taking down the Witch King’s henchmen in no time without earning ourselves that dreadful repair bill after falling in battle.

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