Uwe Boll Snatches Up Another Unpublished Video Game License

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Posted on September 25, 2007, Jonathan Uwe Boll Snatches Up Another Unpublished Video Game License


Not too long ago, Stephany reported on Uwe Boll obtaining the film rights to the yet-to-be-published game, Legend: Hand of God. Well, it looks like he wasn’t done there. Now it seems he’s gone and grabbed the film rights to Zombie Massacre, a game so early in production that it doesn’t even have any screenshots out yet. The game, slated for the Wii, will have players driving a 1950′s convertible loaded with a nuclear bomb into the middle of city overrun with zombies. You’ll also have to shoot your way through the zombie to make sure you don’t get eaten before completing your mission. There will also be the option of four-player co-op, where one person will drive and the others will shoot. Yeah, I know, it’s basically House of the Dead in a car; and it sounds so very awesome. Unfortunately, knowing Boll, the movie will probably feature…you know what, I can’t even imagine what he’ll devise. I have to give the man credit for coming up with bad ideas that i don’t think I could ever conceive of someone actually doing. Tara Reid as a scientist? Oh yeah, that makes sense. Bloodrayne minus the Nazis and set in a Medieval era? Sure, why not take out the only things making that vampire franchise interesting? Go, Boll. I’m all anxious see what diabolical concoction you cook up next.

Full press release after the jump.

1988 Games in association with Boll-KG Productions wishes to announce a newly-formed partnership
between both companies, created with the intention of bringing the upcoming Nintendo® Wii™ game concept Zombie Massacre into the realm of film production. With this new partnership, 1988 Games and Boll-KG Productions will collaborate to develop and to produce an exciting film opportunity closely based on the original videogame property. With the help of acclaimed film producer and director Uwe Boll, 1988 Games hopes to deliver to movie theaters what it intends to deliver to game players worldwide: an action-packed, seat-of-your-pants zombie thriller.

A word about Zombie Massacre…
Jump in, put the pedal to the metal, and prepare to blow away some zombies in this over-the-top action-driving game! Players take the wheel of a vintage 1950s convertible with a nuke in its trunk, as they race against the clock and into enemy zombies at full throttle.

“We are extraordinarily excited by the opportunity to attempt to bring our game to the silver screen. What makes it even more exciting is working with a director with this much experience and expertise in adapting videogames into movies. We look forward to working with Uwe.”
–Benjamin Krotin, President, 1988 Games

“I was very impressed with the game idea, and I felt that it would of course make for an exciting movie.”
–Uwe Boll, Producer/Director, Boll-KG Productions

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