Valiant Hearts: Chapter 1 – Historical Items Locations Guide

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Posted on June 25, 2014, GameFront Staff Valiant Hearts: Chapter 1 – Historical Items Locations Guide

Historical tidbits are scattered all across Europe in Valiant Hearts: The Great War, ripe for discovery. Don’t miss a single missing historical item with our complete Chapter 1 locations guide, explaining where to get all 35 collectibles in the starting section of the campaign.

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Chapter 1 – Historical Items Locations Guide

There are 35 historical items hidden in Chapter 1 of Valiant Hearts: The Great War.


  • Item #1: The first item is found during the opening training sequence. After throwing a grenade at the dummy, search the straw remains to find a German helmet.
  • Item #2: Marching toward the parade ground where you’ll need to raise the flag, don’t miss the lighter to the right of the post, on the ground.
  • Item #3: Next, you’ll want to hit bell on top of the engine booth of the large train. Grab a bottle on the crate beneath the bell, then throw it like a grenade to knock it down. The item will drop right out.
  • Item #4: The following collectible is in the same area. After giving the man a bottle of wine, he’ll let you through the to right. Search the ground slightly above, on the left corner, of the french flag held up between two trios of rifles.
  • Item #5: Getting to the top of the train cars by using the band, move right instead of left. At the end of the car roof to the right, you’ll get the last item for this area.

Marne Battle

  • Item #6: Just as the stage begins, check behind the broken wooden cart. It’s obscured by the perspective, but you’ll find it if you check around.
  • Item #7: Moving to the grenade crate where another cart is blocking your path, check the path beneath before using a grenade to find this small button.
  • Item #8: Dropping down beneath the bridge, move to the right water shore and check around the obscuring reeds to find a map. It’s to the right of the ladder between the dynamite charges on the bridge.
  • Item #9: Once the bridge is destroyed, you’ll need to throw a grenade at a dynamite crate to get across to the right. Going down the ramp, you’ll reach the ground. Look to the left where there’s a dead body near the water. The collectible is right next to him, on the ground.
  • Item #10: In the barn with a single guard, you’ll need to break through the boards covering the roof on the second floor, to the right. The item is laying out in a visible spot.
  • Item #11: At the top of the barn, just below the rooftop with the machine gun and flag, you should be able to spot a bell on the right. Smash open the boards and throw a bottle to distract the guard. Then climb up and look near the pole holding the bell to get the last collectible for this area.


  • Item #12: At the start of the level, move left inside the kitchen interior and check on the floor past the large metal pot to find your next item.
  • Item #13: Moving down into the underground tunnels with your dog helper, continue down the path until you reach a dead end and a ladder leading down. Climb down, then turn left and dig through to reach an item in the dead-end corner.
  • Item #14: This one is tricky. Leaving the tunnels, listen for your dog as you pass a large cannon in the background. It should smell the dirt. Order it to dig to find a bone, then backtrack left and throw the bone at the coiled ladder. Now you can climb up and dig to the missing item.
  • Item #15: Entering the second tunnel, you’ll reach a large area filled with soft dirt. Don’t dig down through the path, instead dig up and right to reach the platform with an item in the sun.
  • Item #16: Switching characters, you’ll have to move across the flat ground while a machine-gun fires on you. Smash through the metal cover, and before reaching the man across the way you should spot some shiny coins on the ground.
  • Item #17: Blowing open the way into the cannon tower, you’ll need to climb up into the first floor of the bunker. Just to the right of the ladder near the extra cannon ammo, you should find the knife.


  • Item #18: During the box puzzle at the start of the area, don’t move the box up to the top yet. Instead, only move it up one level as you can reach the glowing item to the left of the gap.
  • Item #19: Entering the room with the poison gas generator, move to the right side of the chamber and climb over the cart to get the item.
  • Item #20: Completing the poison gas puzzle, climb up the new ladder. At the top, turn left instead of right. Up the hill, your dog can dig into the ground to uncover a hidden item.
  • Item #21: Continuing on and dashing across the danger zone as shells drop from the sky, punch through and enter a boarded up tunnel to find another paper on the ground, a handful of steps right from the entrance.
  • Item #22: Keep moving down to the puzzle room to escape the gas. Below, in the right corner, look for a digging spot for your dog past the bucket item.
  • Item #23: After saving your ally and cutting through the barbed wire, there’s a watch directly to the right of the cut-wires.


  • Item #24: Sneaking into the trenches, you’ll enter an area with a group of soldiers marching left and right. Move left up the hill and avoid the guards to reach a wall with a dog-sized hole in the lower corner. Order the dog to crawl through and dig up the dirt across to get an item.
  • Item #25: In the same area, continue right instead of left and cut through the barbed wire to reach a ladder leading down. At the bottom, dig through the loose dirt on the left to find another hidden item.
  • Item #26: Moving on, use the dog to distract a guard and enter the door to get closer to the medical area. As you enter the trench, turn right and bash through the door to get into an interior room. Smack the crates to knock the historical item down to your level where you can grab it.
  • Item #27: Entering another set of tunnels where you’ll split up with the dog, look for a room with a large wine barrel to the left. Turn right and check the floor to get the item.
  • Item #28: Once you get inside the room with the two gear symbols, look on the ground directly right of the door.
  • Item #29: Before finally entering the medical room once your dog acquires the keys, move left against the wall barrier and you should spot an item to the left of the keys. Send your dog to retrieve it to get the last item for this area.


  • Item #30: Enter the building on the right and reach the second floor. After solving the puzzle, look for a closed cupboard to the left of the lever. The historical item is inside.
  • Item #31: This one is easy to miss. Out on the street with the civilians waiting around a red car, move left and order your sniffing dog to dig up this next item on the street.
  • Item #32: Moving into the basement, beneath the lift puzzle and cupboard from Item #30, move to the dead-end on the left end of the hall to find your item.
  • Item #33: Once you save the civilian from the burning building by using your wire-cutters, send the dog across the gap to collect the item on the burning balcony.
  • Item #34: Exploring the large ruined building on the left side of the street, look in the lower right corner of the interior to find a closed cupboard hiding an early WW1 gas mask item.
  • Item #35: On the main street, once you can convince people around to help move the huge stone base to the right, you’ll be able to enter the tunnels below. Climb down and search to the right of the ladder to get the last collectible in Chapter 1.

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