Valiant Hearts: Chapter 2 – Historical Items Locations Guide

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Posted on June 26, 2014, GameFront Staff Valiant Hearts: Chapter 2 – Historical Items Locations Guide

Rescue every missing historical item in Chapter 2 of Valiant Hearts: The Great War with a little help from the trench-warfare experts at GameFront. Don’t let the tragic events of one of history’s most brutal wars get you down — there are collectibles to dig up! Find all 34 with the locations guide below.

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Chapter 2 – Historical Items Locations Guide

There are 34 historical items hidden in Chapter 2 of Valiant Hearts: The Great War.


  • Item #1: Inside the upper room with the fireplace at the start of the Paris section, look left of the exit door to find a closed cupboard. Open it to get the first item of the chapter.
  • Item #2: In the same room, grab a stone from the pile to the right of the fireplace, then step outside to look at the birds visible from the balcony. One of the birds is carrying a key. Ignore it for now, instead throw the rock at the birds on the opposite rooftop, causing the collectible item to fall down to the street below.
  • Item #3: Next, go downstairs and take the item on the circular table just to the left of the door.
  • Item #4: The last collectible in Paris is down on the right end of the street. Move past the raised red car and look behind a small folded-out sign to get your item.


  • Item #5: Following the first medical sequence saving the man under the horse, you’ll regain control in a field with ruined stone walls in the background. Turn left and look in the obscured ground, right at the end of the ruined wall, to get the item.
  • Item #6: Inside the hospital tent, there’s a man you’ll need to treat with a saw. Move left of him and open the cabinet to get a pair of historical socks.
  • Item #7: Outside of the tent, move up to the area with the water tower to your right. To the left, there’s a partially-cut tree with a scarf hanging from a high limb. Look on the ground to the left of the tree, in the area with a tent blocking your view from the foreground.
  • Item #8: Look beneath the front wheel of the ambulance parked to the right of the hospital tent.
  • Item #9: The next one is very close. Move right onto the bridge and climb down the ladder. Beneath the bridge, look in the left corner next to the embankment.
  • Item #10: Climb back and move cross the bridge to the right, moving past the grave and the cross you’ll need to plant. In the far right corner, there’s a hidden collectible item on the ground.


  • Item #11: At the start, enter the red brick building where a mother is stuck on the second floor while a bomb leaks gas to the right. Move through the fallen wall on the left and pass the tree to reach the far back of the yard. Near the wall there’s a pile of debris. Clear it away to get the first item.
  • Item #12: The next item can’t be missed. After climbing upstairs and saving the lady in peril, she’ll just give you the second item.
  • Item #13: Again, you’ll get the third collectible automatically. After dropping the bell and opening a path into the underground of the gas-filled building, pull the level in the lower right corner to clear the room, allowing you to save a man on the ground above. Save him to get the item.
  • Item #14: Moving on, you’ll reach a building where people need help that’s multiple stories tall, with walls blocking progress on the right until you reach the third floor. On this red floor, look left of the door for a closed cupboard containing an item.
  • Item #15: On the third floor, move to the right and attack the hanging painting to find a secret key. Go back down to the first floor and push the cabinet to the right, giving you access to a locked shed outside. Open the gate to find the item revealed in an alcove behind the fallen painting.
  • Item #16: Going underground, as part of the story you’ll need to open a large door by getting the correct safe combination. Once the door is open, you’ll find blueprints and work desks. Further left, there’s a closed locker with the last item inside.

Crash Site

  • Item #17: This is on the main path through the early part of this area. Sneaking by the guards, move through the wreckage in the forest. Watch the ground for a shiny item as you go right.
  • Item #18: Continuing on, you’ll reach the destroyed remnants of a zeppelin cabin with a lever missing its handle. Look on the ground to the right of the lever to get the second historical item.
  • Item #19: Eventually, you’ll reach a crane puzzle where you’ll need to lift a section of the zeppelin cabin off your German love. Run all the way to the right-most corner of this forest area to find a broken pistol item.
  • Item #20: Climbing up into the wreckage of the zeppelin, you’ll reach a large cannon shell hanging from a chain. On this platform, look in the left corner to get the next item.
  • Item #21: Switching to the pair of heroes that are separated by a moat, keeping each in the foreground or background, you’ll need to jump into the man in the background by sending the dog through the hole. Before crossing the bridge, turn left and run to the dead-end to get a hidden item.
  • Item #22: Continuing on, your background man will dam the river and empty the water so the foreground man can cross. Look in the dry river bed to spot the next item. You’ll have to move forward, switch back to the foreground man, then backtrack to the river bed.


  • Item #23: As the level begins, enter the bunker to the left and run all the way to the man at the desk. Just to the right of him, order your dog to grab the collectible item in the background.
  • Item #24: Next, you’ll need to climb out of the trench to collect a sock to continue the story. Instead of taking the sock on the barbed wire to the right, look on the ground to the left to get an easy-to-miss item.
  • Item #25: Switching characters, you’ll experience a mortar attack. Following your allies into the tunnel on the left, you’ll find a man in a metal helmet part of the way through the passage. Look on the ground just to this guy’s left to get the item.
  • Item #26: Meeting up with a squad of soldiers, the officer in charge will lead the charge to the right. Don’t follow just yet. Instead turn around and explore down the trench to the left. Behind a wooden beam in the foreground you’ll find the next collectible item.
  • Item #27: Leading the charge and following the pointer, you’ll need to destroy mounds of dirt in your way by activating un-exploded shells with thrown objects. A metal platform will drop partly through this section. Once it does, head down into the tunnel and search around the dead-end.
  • Item #28: Cutting through barbed wire, you’ll find refuge inside a tall building. An objective marker will point at the bell above. Go down the ladder instead. There’s a flag item on the ground near the table in the basement.

Douaumont Fort

  • Item #29: This one is tricky. While crossing the no-man’s land, look for loose dirt piles. Most of them hide explosives, but the fourth dirt spot leads down into a tunnel. Dig through to the bottom, with visible dirt on the right. But, there’s hidden dirt you can dig to the left. Get through the hidden path to find an item at the dead-end.
  • Item #30: Continuing to dig, you’ll need to distract a guard to put out the fire and cross the venting smoke to reach the basement. Before getting to the basement, dig into the bottom left corner to find a secret item.
  • Item #31: Getting inside and knocking out the guard mentioned previously, climb the ladders up to the highest floor and open the locker to get an easy item.
  • Item #32: Switching characters and sneaking through the fort, move right and knock out the guard near a doorway giving off a faint orange-hued light. Go inside and climb the ladder to find another locker with an item inside.
  • Item #33: Leave the room with item #32 for Chapter 2, and enter the very next doorway to the right. Inside, there’s yet another locker to the right with an item inside of it.
  • Item #34: Switching characters, return to the locker where you found collectible #32. There’s a path filled with loose dirt to the right of the locker. Dig through it and run across the ground to find a second spot to dig into a bunker. Drop inside, go through the doorway, and look in the left corner to get the last historical item for Chapter 2.

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