Valiant Hearts: Chapter 3 – Historical Items Locations Guide

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Posted on June 26, 2014, GameFront Staff Valiant Hearts: Chapter 3 – Historical Items Locations Guide

Brave the battlefields of Chapter 3 for even more hidden historical items with our collectibles locations guide for Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Another set of 28 bits of paraphanelia are littered the trenches and bunkers of war-torn Europe, just waiting to be found. Do your civic duty and keep the warzone tidy with the step-by-step instructions in the complete guide below.

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Chapter 3 – Historical Items Locations Guide

There are 28 historical items hidden in Chapter 3 of Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Prison Camp

  • Item #1: In the camp, go up the path to the left of the medical building. Moving up to the red structure, go left and pass the green building to find an item on the ground near the fence.
  • Item #2: Enter the green building nearby and climb the ladder to reach a water-pipe puzzle. Turn the wheel on the far right to cause the item to drop to the ground.
  • Item #3: Next, go inside the red bunkhouse and search the ground to the left. There’s a lot of foreground objects blocking the floor, so keep checking as you move left from the door.
  • Item #4: Go to the laundry structure and pull the lever to the left of the door to raise the bucket up. Now you can run to the left corner of the building to get the fourth item.
  • Item #5: Later in the stage, you’ll need to bring special items to the cook in the kitchen to get him out of the way. Once he’s gone, search around the table where he was standing to get the first item.


  • Item #6: As the area begins, move to the stuck man in the right side of the dark tunnel. Pull the scientist out of the rubble, then search the ground where he was trapped.
  • Item #7: Later on, enter the door to the right of the tank and climb the ladder to find a closed locker. Open it up for a quick historical item.
  • Item #8: After smashing through the rubble in the tunnel once the tank is in control, you’ll stop and get out while the scientist moves left. Stop there, and backtrack down the path to your right and check inside the closed locker to get another historical item.
  • Item #9: During the sequence with the conveyor and stamping devices, return to the tank and climb the ladder to the right. Enter the office up the ladder and check the floor on the right corner.

Vauquois’ Mines

  • Item #10: Deeper into the mines, you’ll reach a two-floor area with an “SOS” call coming from the top floor, left door. Climb up to the door and pass on to the right. Call the dog up to the upper level, then dig up the loose dirt with your dog on the right side, below the billowing smoke.
  • Item #11: Enter the right upper level door and save the trapped man by solving the puzzle. Before leaving, turn the wheel to bring the tray back to the right. Throw the dynamite onto the tray, move it through the fire and move it to the right side next to loose dirt near the roof.
  • Item #12: Moving out of the area, you’ll reach a TNT detonator. Blow up the debris and continue to another door. Order your puppy to dig to the right of the entrance.
  • Item #13: In the next area, you’ll find loose dirt leading down. Dig straight down and clear away the loose dirt on the sloping ramp before reaching the bottom of the tunnel to get a hidden item.
  • Item #14: Continuing deeper into the stage, you’ll reach a passage with three soldiers on the upper pathway. There’s a ladder beneath them, use it to climb down and pass the trooper waiting by a crate of dynamite. Dig the loose dirt to the right of the soldier to get an item.
  • Item #15: Later on, your dog will bring a tool you’ll need to continue on the main story path. Once you’ve got the tool, run all the way down to the left side of the chamber to reach an elevator shaft. Use the tool on the generator to raise the lift, then cross over to the tunnel’s end on the left.

Reims Forest

  • Item #16: Move to the spotlight tower in the forest, then move up the floating raft bridge to reach the background. Instead of pushing right, turn left and look behind the brush to find the first collectible item.
  • Item #17: Using the apples to distract guards and climbing across the tree limbs, you’ll be able to reach a building with a wheel to the right of the door. Turn it to lift the door up, as you go inside turn right to open the locker with an item inside.
  • Item #18: Once you’ve got the wire-cutters, backtrack to the barbed wire and move right until you reach a guarded bridge. Near the start of the bridge, climb down the ladder and check to the left below, behind the bush, to get your next item.
  • Item #19: Moving through the field with the scarecrow, you should spot the collectible item on the ground about halfway across the first two guards.
  • Item #20: Continuing the escape, you’ll have to run across an open field while flares light up the area. Along the way you’ll be able to hide underneath a large tree. The item is located beneath the tree.

The Somme

  • Item #21: Once your tank is taken out of action, you’ll need to move to a tunnel to the right. Before climbing down, look on the platform next to the ladder.
  • Item #22: There’s another item right where the tank stops. The item is located underneath the tracks on the front side of the tank.
  • Item #23: Climbing down the ladder, a soldier will light the fuse to a cache of explosives. Once you stamp out the fuse, move to the left of the ladder and look on the ground to get the last item.


  • Item #24: Once you’re inside the family’s house, while the mother talks to the cops outside, walk right and grab the item from the end table before climbing up.
  • Item #25: Entering the building full of cops, you’ll need to switch to a cop uniform in the left side of the building. Climb the ladder up to the attic, then check the ground directly above the costume-switching rack.
  • Item #26: With the cop uniform, climb down to the basement prison cells and check against the right wall.
  • Item #27: Finally getting back outside, you’ll need to acquire a soldier uniform and climb down to the yard. Exit through the gate to get your dog, then return to the yard. Underneath the wooden platform, there’s a digging spot for your dog.
  • Item #28: Returning to the street, enter the building to the right of the red car and climb up to the second floor. Once you’ve given the guard the wine he needs, send the dog inside to cause a distraction, forcing him to leave. Now you can go inside and leave through the open door on the right to reach a balcony with the final item for Chapter 3.

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