Valiant Hearts: Chapter 4 – Historical Items Locations Guide

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Posted on June 30, 2014, GameFront Staff Valiant Hearts: Chapter 4 – Historical Items Locations Guide

Bring the Valiant Hearts: The Great War collectibles hunt to a close in Chapter 4 with our final historical items locations guide. Let’s not waste anymore time, you know the drill by now — the battlefields of Europe are waiting to be explored, and we’ve got the text instructions below.

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Chapter 4 – Historical Items Locations Guide

There are 22 historical items hidden in Chapter 4 of Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Occupied Casern

  • Item #1: At the start of the area, move to the right and complete the puzzle so the guard lets you through. There’s a soldier costume up ahead, and to the right of that is an item obscured by foreground objects.
  • Item #2: Move to the outside street and run left. Grab a yellow apple from the pile, then give the apple to a soldier petting his horse to gain a historical item.
  • Item #3: Continuing on, you’ll have to open a locked door with a combination lock. The collectible is on the ground through the open doorway. It’s obscured by a table in the foreground.
  • Item #4: Back on the front line trenches, a gas attack will occur forcing you to go underground. In the room with the crane puzzle to get the dog gas mask, grab the item in the lower right corner, just next to the entrance door.
  • Item #5: Once you’ve got a gasmask, climb up the ladder back to the surface and check the ground near the empty machine gun nest.

Vimy Ridge

  • Item #6: The first item here is located through the passage to the right of the launcher apparatus. Go to the trench with the wheeled machine on your right, but move left instead. You’ll find a dirt hill next to the rubble.
  • Item #7: Running across the field and escaped shells, you’ll reach a huge cannon. Drop down the ladder and move right to get the item on a nondescript table.
  • Item #8: Continuing past another mortar section and moving through the passage up into the background, you’ll move left to enter a building full of allied soldiers. Climb the ladder to the second floor and look under the map pinned to the wall.

The Farm

  • Item #9: Reaching the first house, drop down into the basement that’s flooded with gas. Move left and look on the table to get the first item for this section of Chapter 4.
  • Item #10: Next, enter the barn and solve the basket puzzle to raise your dog up to the second floor. Next, grab a throwable object before exiting the left doorway. Use the object to smash the window from the outside, then you should be able to command the dog to grab the candlestick before moving on.
  • Item #11: The next item is nearby. From the previous collectible, order your dog through the passage, then order him to pull the lever to raise the walkway. Once it is up, you can move right and find the historical item on the ground.
  • Item #12: In the burning house with the person calling for help, you’ll drop down as the ladder falls apart. From here, move left and look next to the fireplace to get the last item in this area.

Chemin des Dames

  • Item #13: As the area begins, enter the tent and look behind the man standing in the far back corner to your right.
  • Item #14: With your team, you’ll run into an underground tunnel and push a large crate filled with huge cannon shells. Once it’s pushed all the way to the right, the collectible will appear on the ground.
  • Item #15: Entering the hill with swarms of machine gunners shooting down at your team, dash to the second fence you can hide behind to discover a historical item in the mud.
  • Item #16: Continuing through a trench, you’ll need to smash debris and hide behind sandbags to avoid the heavy gunfire. At the base of the cover is loose dirt you can dig through. Dig down and then continue beneath the un-exploded shells on your left.
  • Item #17: Running through an underground passage, the roof will blow and more artillery will fall on your head. Once you avoid it, keep running forward and a few yards to the right you’ll find the next historical item.
  • Item #18: Riding the cart down the slow, you’ll need to stop at the earliest hill of cover after dodging the first machine gunner. Put on the brake then exit and look in the dirt at the center of the cover to get another historical item.

Saint Mihiel

  • Item #19: Go to the courtyard to the right of the starting room and look in the bush.
  • Item #20: From the starting room, go upstairs and look to the left of the door for a closed cupboard. Open it to reveal the item.
  • Item #21: Moving on from Item #20, go through the door on the right and enter the red hallway where you’ll get a view from the outside. It can be tricky to spot, but near the second window there’s a cupboard you can open with the next item inside.
  • Item #22: The final item in Valiant Hearts can be collected in the basement of the hospital. Once you’re down the steps, turn left and look in the center locker.

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