Valkyria Chronicles: Fast XP & Money – Early Story Grinding Guide

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Posted on November 12, 2014, GameFront Staff Valkyria Chronicles: Fast XP & Money – Early Story Grinding Guide

Valkyria Chronicles Alicia and Welkin Tank Commander

Now that Valkyria Chronicles is out on PC and topping Steam’s download charts, even more people are getting their first chance to experience this awesome turn-based / real-time hybrid strategy series. For those familiar with Japanese tactics titles, it shouldn’t be a surprise, but these games can be really hard. Like any good JRPG, there are points where grinding for XP is a requirement to succeed.

Instead of replaying tough missions over and over, take the safe route with this quick grinding method you can use very early in the story campaign. You can start using it once you’ve reached the second skirmish on the map. Bring low-level characters and help unlock their hidden abilities or get them into fighting shape fast with the step-by-step instructions below.

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Fast XP & Money – Early Story Farming Guide

Build the team you want with this easy grinding strategy. Completing a skirmish mission with the steps below should only take two to three minutes each round.

Repeat the steps as often as you like to earn extra cash for upgraded gear and unlock new traits for the whole party with ease. Especially helpful to accomplish before engaging in the game’s gruelingly difficult boss battles.


  • 1 Scout – Alicia works very well in this role early on.
  • Vasel Riverside Skirmish
  • Defense Boost Order [Not Required but Helpful]

Grinding Strategy:

Load the Vasel Riverside Skirmish and assign the troops you want to earn XP into any slots you wish. Save one slot for a Scout that can quickly traverse the map to the enemy’s single outpost. The goal is to run past almost every enemy, grab the outpost, and achieve victory in just a few minutes.

Before attempting this strategy, make sure your scout will survive and can successfully kill enemy troopers. Aim for head shots and watch out for corners. Getting too close leads to reaction fire from waiting opponents. To speed up the process, lower the difficulty of the mission to Easy until you can handle grinding on Normal.

Place a Scout (Alicia or another recruit, pick anyone that’s especially fast) in the upper-left corner slot of the camp. If your scout is particularly weak or you want to play it safe, use the Defense Boost Order on the scout to improve their defense.

Run straight forward toward the enemy flag outpost. Kill one of the soldiers in your way or simply run straight past them if Defense Boost is enough to keep them alive.

Skip by the second enemy down the straight path. A third enemy is waiting around the wall. Wait and take another turn before rounding the corner if you’ve already attacked. If not, wheel around the alley and shoot the waiting guard.

Continue on until you face a soldier behind sandbags. Pick him off with headshots or use a grenade to instantly kill him on lower difficulty levels.

Now the path should be clear to reach the single enemy outpost. Kill the standing guard easily by running up and using close-range headshots to bring him down. You should now be able to capture the flag and complete the skirmish for an easy XP infusion along with bonus cash.

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