Valorant is getting a new agent named Reyna

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Riot has confirmed that the new agent to join the Valorant roster will be known as Reyna, confirming the news with a short teaser video on Twitter.

Reyna is from Mexico and appears to be a vampire of some kind, given the dialogue in the video below. It makes sense, as this was her codename during development. 

It's speculated from the dialogue that she may have some kind of blinding attack, as well as invisibility, as her arms appear to vanish at one point.  

Even in closed beta, Riot has faced a surge of cheating in the game, leading to over 9,000 bans in swift order. The game has been criticized for its anti-cheat solution that involves installing a Kernal mode driver onto players' systems that launches with Windows. 

Valorant is set to release this June 2nd. 


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