Valorant's Executive Producer is harassed in her own game

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Unfortunately, the majority of women who play online video games still face harassment daily from other players, ranging from sexual harassment to friend request spam and verbal abuse. Valorant, a new free-to-play shooter from Riot Games, seems to be no exception, and the issue is so bad that the game's Executive Producer is unable to queue for solo matches in her own game.

The issue was highlighted by the League of Legends UX designer Riot Greenily, who shared a clip of on Twitter where she is repeatedly propositioned by a fellow male player, stating that she faces similar harassment "most of the time."

This lead to various further tweets, responding to players who were suggesting "I've seen WAY worse" and to "stop whining."  The tweet chain prompted Valoran's own executive producer, Anna Donlon, to add her own experiences, stating that she now refuses to play solo games due to the harassment she faces.

The good news is, Donlon also confirms that the team is looking into solutions for the problem, so hopefully the issue will be addressed in the long run. The issue isn't a new one for Riot. A recent poll showed that up to 79% of League of Legends players had suffered abuse after a match, with 32% of female players facing sexual abuse compared to just 3% of male players.


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