Valve accidentally releases Left 4 Dead prototype that is a mod of Counter-Strike

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

Valve has been busy lately, with the recently released 25th Anniversary edition of Half-Life and its accompanying documentary, so you'd be forgiven for failing to notice that Counter-Strike also had an update this past week, and it seems the developers accidentally some prototype files for Left 4 Dead in the update, perhaps accidentally. 

It appears Left 4 Dead started out as a mod for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero known as "Terror Strike," but despite the very different name, the core gameplay mechanics are immediately obvious. It uses CS assets, and the map is very different to something you'd see in the L4D series, but the gameplay is largely there.

Instead of being hoarded by Zombies, you'll instead have to fend off Counter-Terrorists, but they behave in largely the same way as L4D's zombies. The map appears to be a largely urban environment but is surrounded by a basic white box, so it's clear this version of the "mod" was very unfinished, and perhaps only a basic proof of concept. The end objective also differs, with the players tasked with delivering a bomb to a certain building within the game map.

The discovery was made by Twitter user Gabe Follower, who discovered that "Valve accidentally compiled and pushed earliest Left 4 Dead prototype called "Terror Strike" into the latest CS 1.6 update and [the] community figured out how to play it." Another user by the name of "The One Epicplayer" did some work to get the files working, including porting the map to the latest version of CS and fixing the bot navigation mesh. 

As for why these files have been included, it's hard to say for certain. Perhaps Valve wanted players to find it and share in the discovery, as it seems a little odd for these old prototype game files to end up in a routine game update, but we'll never know for sure.


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