Valve Announces Remote Saving System Steamcloud

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Posted on May 30, 2008, Stephany Valve Announces Remote Saving System Steamcloud

steamValve has announced that it will be introducing a new feature which will allow remote storage of all game data for games purchased through Steam, its digital distribution platform.

While Steam already allows you to play games purchases through the service on any PC, the inclusion of Steamcloud will extend that service to game data. This means that all progress saves, keyboard bindings and option settings from certain games will be able to accessed as well because all data will be automatically saved to back-end servers and kept forever at no cost to the player.

There are no storage restrictions or quotas and even video replays and screenshots taken from your games will be saved on the servers. For example, say you deleted your games off your computer along with all the save files, screen captures, videos etc, and sold your system. Two years later you buy a new system, log into Steamcloud and voila! All of your game data, purchases and the like are still there waiting on you to pick up where you left off.

The CounterStrike, Half-Life (the full series), Team Fortress 2 and the upcoming Left 4 Dead will be the first games in t he Steam catalog to offer the Steamcloud service.

Steamcloud is part of the Steamworks set of developer tools and Steam’s developer John Cook stated that many more updates are planned for the future such as:

  • Auto-updating of your computer’s device drivers
  • Social features including events and calendar systems
  • Official community pages for games
  • Pricing localized to your country’s currency
  • Amazon-style recommendations and shopping cart systems
  • More payment options.

For more information on this upcoming service check back with us often.


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