Valve Details Team Fortress 2 Co-Op Mode Upgrades

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Posted on August 15, 2012, Phil Hornshaw Valve Details Team Fortress 2 Co-Op Mode Upgrades

Valve is doing its multi-day info roll-out thing with its new Mann vs. Machine cooperative mode for Team Fortress 2, and today’s info-dump concerns things you can do to upgrade yourself as you fight off various evil robots.

The gist is this: when you kill robots in TF2′s new horde-like mode, you’ll earn money. That money can then be spent on upgrades to your character, the benefits of which differ depending on the class you use. One set of upgrades are canteens, which allow you to hold power-ups in reserve that you can activate on the battlefield, like health boosts, critical hit boosts, speedier building construction and the like. Those canteens are refilled at upgrade stations and carry three single-use hits of one specific type.

You can also unlock class-specific buffs for your character or your team at the upgrade station. There are a number listed on the Mann vs. Machine site today, but Valve says there are even more that aren’t listed. Some quick hits:


  • A Buff Banner that upgrades the entire team
  • An upgraded rocket launcher


  • Shared canteen
  • Upgraded overheal


  • Mad Milk upgrade that slows enemies


  • Upgraded rounds that can go through multiple targets
  • Ability to knock back enemies


  • Damage upgrade for stickybombs


  • Upgraded knife for penetrating armor
  • Upgraded Sapper for use against stronger robots


  • Build a second sentry turret
  • Boost sentry guns with the Critical Hit canteen


  • Upgraded rounds to pass through multiple targets
  • Upgrades for explosive headshots


  • Airblast upgrade to push robots further away
  • Upgrade flare gun to turn it into a long-range weapon

Read the rest of the update from Valve right here.

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