Valve Has No Plans for A Game Console Any Time Soon

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Posted on March 8, 2012, CJ Miozzi Valve Has No Plans for A Game Console Any Time Soon

Valve has replied to rumors of its alleged console by stating that it has no plans to release hardware any time soon. However, the company did not explicitly state that it is not currently working on a console, and left open the possibility of releasing one in the future.

Kotaku asked:

What you’re saying is, there’s definitely nothing coming any time soon, nothing at GDC or E3, but what you’re not ruling out is the possibility that, hey, maybe some day Valve would make hardware.

Valve’s Lombardi replied:

I think that’s accurate.

Lombardi had preceded this statement with details on what the company currently is working on:

We’re prepping the Steam Big Picture Mode UI and getting ready to ship that, so we’re building boxes to test that on. We’re also doing a bunch of different experiments with biometric feedback and stuff like that, which we’ve talked about a fair amount.

All of that is stuff that we’re working on, but it’s a long way from Valve shipping any sort of hardware.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Valve is one of the last bastions of PC gaming — to see it turn to the console market would be heartbreaking.

Do you want to see a Valve gaming console?

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