Valve hints Counter-Strike 2 could release as soon as next week

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

We've been patiently awaiting news of the arrival of Counter-Strike 2 ever since Valve first announced it back in March, and it looks like the wait may finally be over, as a Tweet from the official CS account hinted that the game itself may be coming next Wednesday.

Counter-Strike 2 is more of an upgrade to CS:GO as opposed to an entirely new experience, as far as I can tell, with before and after screenshots showing updated maps, textures, lighting, and particle effects that take the existing experience it and visually remix it. It should be very interesting. On paper, it sounds minor, but it's a significant upheaval for an esports scene that has remained largely static for nearly 20 years at this point. 

The Tweet simply said, "What are you doing next Wednesday?" - strongly hinting that we'll be at least getting a significant announcement on that date, if not the game itself. It's not the first time that Valve has dropped a game in such a nonchalant way, though, and as the game was originally slated for Summer 2023, it's technically coming in a few days late, even if it does release next week.

Some lucky players have already been testing the game out in a "limited test," which you can only access via invitation. That being said, it seems the vast majority of hardcore CS players have already managed to worm their way in, with Valve inviting "as many eligible players as possible." The great news is that the game will be a free update to CS:GO.

You'll be able to carry over all your skins, too. The game also features a number of improvements, including an overhaul to the ranking system, and matches that are much shorter, which should spice things up a little. There's also the new CS Rating system, a global and regional leaderboard, and responsive smoke grenades with dynamic volumetric smoke responding to environmental conditions.


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